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AI for Smart Cities: Meet the UK Companies - 19th May 2020

Participating UK Companies

1. Mindtech


Overview: Mindtech provide disruptive, AI-enabled visual processing solutions. Their ‘Chameleon’ tool allows users to create unlimited amounts of free annotated data, training AI systems for visual processing. Industry applications include autonomous vehicles; crime prevention; smart factories; healthcare; and much more.

Founded: 2017

Track Record: with a management team drawn from Microsoft, ARM, Ericsson and Imagination Technologies, Mindtech are engaged with a range of top-tier companies in the surveillance, autonomous vehicles, industrial and healthcare spaces. Following great interest from East Asian companies at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, they are looking to engage with clients and partners in the APAC region.


2. Humanizing Autonomy


Overview: Humanizing Autonomy develop AI software for autonomous vehicles, improve road safety. Using culture and context specific predictions, their technology allows autonomous vehicles to anticipate the movement of pedestrians, ultimately preventing road accidents; and making autonomous vehicles a reality.

Founded: 2017

Track Record: With offices in London, New York, Tokyo and Mumbai, Humanizing Autonomy have forged partnerships with a range of automotive manufacturers and public transport departments, including Daimler, Airbus, Transport for London and many more. They recently announced a $5.3 million funding round led by Japanese VC firm Global Brain, indicating their potential in the East Asian market.


3. Blockdox


Overview: Blockdox make spaces smarter using artificial intelligence, machine learning and the Internet of Things. Their unique sensors detect information about buildings and urban spaces; Blockdox then analyse this data in the cloud, allowing building owners and managers to make huge savings on energy and operational costs.

Founded: 2015

Track Record: Headquartered in London, Blockdox are an award-winning urban digital solutions company with patented technology. They work with a range of building owners and managers across the UK, Europe and Asia, helping to save them up to 54% in energy costs. They have been featured in the Financial Times, BBC and Channel News Asia.


4. UtterBerry


Overview: UtterBerry develop wireless smart sensors powered by AI technology, collecting environmental data for use in Smart Cities. Their technology enables accurate, real-time Smart Cities analytics across a range of platforms - including roads, trains, rail, homes, bridges and tunnels, hospitals, agriculture and factories.

Founded: 2013

Track Record: originally a spin-out from Cambridge University, UtterBerry has established strong working relationships with private and public organizations across a range of sectors. These include London Underground; BAM Nuttall; and Thames Water. Due to growing IoT infrastructure needs in East Asia UtterBerry are looking to target the region as a priority.


5. Greyparrot 


Overview: Greyparrot use computer vision for waste management. They provide an AI-based waste recognition software to power robots and other smart cities systems, to monitor, audit and sort waste at scale. Their software is available as an off-the-shelf API; and they can also offer customized solutions to clients.  

Founded: 2019 

Track Record: Since its establishment Greyparrot has been involved in a series of projects, working with Middlesex University in London on robotics integration; and sorting waste for a large recycling facility in South Korea. Working with customers in Europe and APAC, Greyparrot are seeking to improve the 12% rate of plastic recycling worldwide.   


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Special thanks to the following associations for their kind and comprehensive support.

Smart City Institute Japan (SCIJ)


Japan Smart Community Alliance (JSCA)