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Doing Business Overseas


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The UK’s Department for International Trade (DIT) will be hosting a series of fireside chats.

Learn from successful entrepreneurs who have successfully expanded their business to the UK. Find out what worked well as they share their lessons and tips on how to make global expansion work for your business. The Fireside chat series is live and interactive; attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions. The series will be recorded as a podcast if you can’t attend each session.

For our first session, Consul General Richard Hyde will talk with Chad Costello, General Counsel for WP Engine, on the company’s expansion into the UK. Chad Costello was instrumental in WP Engine’s expansion in the UK, Ireland, Australia and Poland. Learn how WP Engine is growing its international footprint, the benefits of international expansion for your business and when and how to contemplate a similar move for your company.

For our second session, The UK’s Department for International Trade, in collaboration with Oklahoma’s Chamber of Commerce invites you to join for a look at aerospace opportunities in both the United Kingdom and Oklahoma. Featuring: Kunal Khatri, UK's Deputy HM Trade Commissioner for the USA, with a look at the commercial value of a robust bilateral trade agreement between the US & UK and what it means for aerospace. Geoffrey Camp, Aerospace and Defense State Director at the Oklahoma Department of Commerce, for a look into Oklahoma’s Aerospace opportunities. Alan Fisher, Aerospace Supply Specialist, the UK's Department for International Trade, will speak about the United Kingdom’s aerospace industry and opportunities.

Q&A to follow.

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Kunal Khatri & Geoffrey Camp
March 3, 2021
9:00am CST / 3:00pm GMT


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