UK Hydrogen Safety Regulations & Mobility Webinar

On Wednesday, 12 October 2022, at 13:30 TR time

The Department for International Trade (DIT) and Midlands Engine is delighted to invite you to join the Hydrogen Safety Regulations & Mobility Webinar on 12 October 2022

UK is determined to tackle climate change and committed to take mitigation measures forward. Hydrogen production, transportation, storage and usage and expected to become crucial in the medium to long term. The UK has world-leading capability in the production of electrolysers and hydrogen fuel cells, as well as capability across the breadth of hydrogen applications and safety regulations.

Why you should attend?

To learn about hydrogen landscape in the UK e.g. policies, safety regulations, mobility, investment environment and upcoming projects.

Who should attend?

Turkish renewable energy and automative sector investors, companies, various industries interested in hydrogen technologies, government institutions, NGOs, municipalities, maritime, heavy industries looking for decarbonization.

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Join us at the "UK Hydrogen Safety Regulations & Mobility Webinar".


Registration fee is free of charge but registration is mandatory. Webinar language is English.