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Designing our Future

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About the UK's Department for International Trade

The UK’s Department for International Trade (DIT) helps British businesses export, drives inward and outward investment, negotiates market access and trade deals, and champions free trade. DIT helps thousands of overseas businesses set up or expand in the UK every year with expert assistance and advice, and helps connect international buyers with UK companies that can help them innovate and grow.


Trade with Innovative UK Companies

British products and services are valued worldwide for their quality, creativity and reliability. They are also known for helping revolutionize their industries, including technology; immersive content and digital advertising; fintech; digital health and medtech; clean energy; or and mobility solutions in automotive, aerospace and space.

DIT helps connect international buyers with UK companies. Tell us what products and services you’re looking for and we’ll find your ideal business partner.


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Invest in the UK

Investment in the UK can grow your business. The UK is the easiest European country to do business with, according to the World Bank, and attracts more foreign investment than any other European country with:

  • the lowest corporation tax in the G20
  • lower labor costs than businesses in Germany, France and Italy
  • 230% tax relief on research and development costs

Hiring in the UK gives you access to:

  • an innovative workforce - the UK is ranked 2nd in the G20 Global Innovation Index
  • graduates from 4 of the world’s top 10 universities
  • the largest proportion of people educated to degree level or equivalent in western Europe


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