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UK at Expo 2020 Dubai

The UK is proud to deliver a programme of activity across business, culture, tourism and education. This will take place over six months between October 2020 and April 2021 and will feature a host of thought leading conversations, collaborations and showcases. Our mission is to educate and inspire us all to work together to create a better world.

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The UK is one of 190 nations participating in Expo 2020 Dubai. The UK Pavilion will be the centrepiece of our presence, accompanied by a six-month events programme at the UK Pavilion and beyond. Expo 2020 Dubai provides an opportunity to connect with people on the UK Pavilion in Dubai, virtually and throughout the world. 

UK presence at Expo 2020 Dubai will profile the UK economy as being at the forefront of innovation, showcasing the UK’s strengths in sectors such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and space. Expo 2020 Dubai will facilitate collaboration and partnership between the UK and other participating nations, creating solutions to global challenges. 

The UK’s participation in Expo 2020 Dubai will be delivered through a one-HM Government approach, led by the Department for International Trade, with support from the GREAT Campaign and six other Government Departments.

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Innovating for a Shared Future

The UK's participation theme for Expo 2020 Dubai is 'Innovating for a Shared Future'.

The UK is a land of opportunity. It has been a nation of explorers and creators of the exceptional for thousands of years. Innovation lies at the very heart of British culture. The UK has a remarkable history of innovations that have changed our world, from the world wide web to artificial intelligence and space exploration.

The UK has a rich heritage, with strong values and a welcoming environment. We embrace other cultures, quickly absorbing new foods and traditions. We have always thrived on the exchange of ideas, open to different approaches and new collaborations.

The UK is the home of creativity, entrepreneurship and science. We are a land of early adopters, where people come to realise new concepts. The UK is renowned for nurturing talent, helping to create world leading innovators and thinkers.

The UK shares its talent and expertise with other nations to tackle global challenges. UK inventions like the steam train and the telephone have given the world the ability to travel, trade and communicate internationally, connecting minds and people for hundreds of years.

The future of humanity depends on us working together as we develop solutions, discover new frontiers and travel to new horizons, whether it be in outer space or virtual worlds. Impressive British breakthroughs across multiple industries are being discovered every day. We are committed to working together to share in tomorrow’s solutions.


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