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The India-UK

FutureTech Festival

11 - 12 December 2018

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The India-UK FutureTech Festival

A thought leadership summit bringing together business, policy makers, venture capitalists, scientists and entrepreneurs. Announced by Prime Ministers Narendra Modi and Theresa May in April 2018, the festival is a major initiative under the India-UK Technology Partnership.

With key themes exploring how we WORK, LIVE and PLAY it will deliver thought-leadership, roundtable discussions and will provide opportunities for collaboration at national and regional level in AI/ Data, India UK Tech Hubs, Cluster Partnerships, Future Healthcare, Future Mobility, Fintech and Cyber Security.

Come and join the very best UK and Indian tech companies as we explore and celebrate how the UK and India are addressing the world’s challenges and opportunities together.  Follow the festival buzz @tradegovukIND #GREATforCollaboration 


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The world of work has changed. Technology has created new industries, business models and behaviours. We’re going to explore how work is being transformed by innovation, radical ideas and disruptive technology. Audiences will discover how savvy businesses are evolving and working together to adapt to these changes – and how they’re prospering. We’ll discuss the importance of free trade, sustainable energy, cybersecurity, fintech, artificial intelligence, future workplaces and much more.


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By 2050, cities will be home to 70% of the planet’s projected 9 billion inhabitants. What will these numbers mean for the way we live, eat, travel and co-exist with nature? From smart cities to autonomous transport, sustainable farming to alternative energy sources, technology will help determine both our quality of life and the health of the planet. We’ll explore these issues and show how innovative India and UK solutions are working to deliver prosperity and happiness on a global scale.

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New technology transforms how we create, distribute and consume. We’ll explore how storytelling is now becoming story living through immersive tech, AI is driving talent scouting, and blockchain is helping secure the future of the creator. The gaming industry was the first mover, but immersive has proliferated across advertising, marketing, live events & experience into traditional industries. In a world where ads are skippable, advertisers are using immersive tech to create compelling stories that are memorable, impactful, and engaging.

Immerse yourself in an environment that is an example of the “Convergence of technologies that will shape our future” – an immersive tech-powered live event that will involve experts, the audience and online participants in a live conversation – delivered by employing Immersive Tech, AI and Machine Learning.

Join us as we explore ‘Createch’.


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If you have any questions regarding The FutureTech Festival please click here to contact us.

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