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Designing our Future

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The world we live in is evolving fast.
Revolutionary UK innovation is helping design a brighter future.

Climate change, growing aging populations, and rapid technological change have transformed the world in which we live. In this new world, partnership between government, business and academia is vital for the future of our economies and societies.

The UK is rising to the challenge and opportunity of this new world by putting innovation, and the policy ecosystem it needs to prosper, at the heart of our economy. By enabling research, diverse talent, and cutting-edge developments in artificial intelligence, big data, low-carbon technologies and automation, UK companies and institutions are at the forefront of innovation and new technology creating solutions to society’s greatest challenges.

We believe an open economy and international collaboration are key ingredients for innovation to thrive. Transatlantic collaboration is central to that success, and partnerships with North American companies, research communities and government are key to addressing the biggest challenges of our time.

Want to build a brighter future? Contact us to explore how partnering with the UK can innovate and grow your company.

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Partner with the UK to innovate and grow your company

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The UK is a great place for innovation and collaboration.

The UK’s commitment to transatlantic collaboration and open markets is stronger than ever, and dedication to forward-thinking innovation and investment in skills are at the heart of our economy:

  • We rank 4th globally in the 2018 Global Innovation Index, the highest of the G7 industrialized economies of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the US and the UK.
  • The UK government invests $21 billion USD each year in R&D and offers 230% tax relief on R&D costs.
  • The UK is a magnet for highly skilled talent. The UK is home to 4 of the top 10 global universities and is the #1 destination for tech talent, attracting 1 in 5 of all international movers. London alone has 240,000 digital technology employees.
  • The UK attracts more foreign investment than any other European country and has the lowest corporation tax in the G20, including Argentina, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, South Africa and the US.
  • The UK is a world leader in green finance. In the March 2018 Green Finance Index, London easily ranked first out of 47 cities with regards to both quality and penetration of its green finance products.
  • We have become a centre for low-carbon technological innovation. We have the largest offshore wind capability of any country in the world and since 1990, we have cut carbon emissions by more than 40% while growing our economy by more than two-thirds.
  • British companies and academia are driving growth in their sectors and finding new ways to solve global challenges. UK companies have found ways to use AI and data to make old age less lonely, to improve prediction accuracy for heart disease diagnosis, to neutralize cyber attacks before they take hold of a company’s systems and data, and to develop transport that is cleaner, smarter and safer than ever before.

The UK government helps thousands of overseas businesses set up or expand in the UK every year with expert assistance and advice. Contact us to find out how partnering with the UK can help your company innovate and grow.

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The UK is a hub for highly skilled tech talent.

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Partner with the UK to innovate and grow your company

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