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Nordic Delight: Food and drink export opportunities in Nordic markets

07 February 2019

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07th February 2019

This is an opportunity to pitch your product and receive expert feedback from experienced specialist DIT Trade Advisers from Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Helsinki…

Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland – with a combined population of 26.6 million, offer accessible and lucrative export opportunities for savvy UK food and drink producers.

Situated right on our doorstep, the Nordic region has developed strong affiliations with the UK through business, tourism, movement of people, and culture. English is widely spoken in business circles and UK quality recognized. Trade flows date back centuries and our exports to these four markets almost equal those to the four BRIC markets. 

Nordic consumers are quality conscious and affluent, and they appreciate a wide selection to choose from. They have a heightened sense of social and environmental responsibility.  Product groups currently of interest for buyers include: products free-from additives, preservatives etc.; natural & healthy snacks; organic food & drink products; on-the-go/ready-to-eat goods; vegan and vegetarian products; craft alcohol & low-ABV beer and sparkling wine. 
They are looking for export-ready companies with high quality, well-branded products in the above categories, preferably with at least a 6 months shelf-life.  

You will have a 30 minute slot to present your products to a panel of DIT experts from the Nordic region. 

Places are limited so please register your interest and we will confirm to you in January whether you have been selected to present.



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Birmingham Chamber of Commerce

75 Harborne Road


B15 3DH

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