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Tuesday, 2nd April 2019

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About the event

More than 150 companies from Latin America and the Caribbean have already invested in the UK, just like you. For this reason DIT wants to connect you by launching the Latin America Investors Club.

The club aims at:

  • Connecting Latin American investors;
  • Creating a network of contacts that may eventually allow them to support each other, expanding their business and benefiting from each others' services and products;
  • Creating an official and unified channel that encourages an open and direct line of communication among themselves and with the British Government;
  • Identifying mutual obstacles faced by Latin American investors in order to promote new trade and investment policies;
  • Having the investors as a key multipliers of the UK message through their success stories.    


About the club

To this end, as a member of the club you will have exclusive access to: 

  • Monthly newsletters by DIT with the latest relevant information on the British and Latin America economies and investment policies;
  • Monthly articles by DIT with cutting-edge contents related to the investors' region, country and businesses;
  • Monthly articles from the Chairmen Investors about doing business in the UK;
  • An exclusive platform where investors will be able to exchange and generate experiences and business opportunities;
  • Latin America INvest Awards celebrating the companies that have successfully invested in the UK bringing the most value to the British economy.  


We are looking forward to seeing you there!

For more information please send an email to events@uk.org.br

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Latin America Investors Club the place you will have access to more than 150 top business from Latin America that are successfully doing business in the UK.