Events > You Can Export: How to Set Up and Sell Successfully on Global Marketplaces - Webinar

You Can Export: How to Set Up and Sell Successfully on Global Marketplaces - Webinar

17 April 2019

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About the webinar

With Amazon and eBay receiving more traffic than most individual businesses, online marketplaces offer great opportunities for sole traders, large-scale manufactures and anyone in between to rapidly grow their business by selling overseas.

Online marketplaces can provide instant access to untapped audiences and enable you to introduce your product to billions of global customers. For success however, you must select the marketplaces which are right for you and understand what will drive sales.

If you are relatively new to international marketplaces, this one-hour webinar will provide practical approaches to help you to set up and sell effectively. Marketplace specialists, Infinity Blue, will be sharing their expertise and will guide you through steps you can take to increase your products potential to sell successfully to thousands of new customers.

After this webinar you will be able to:

  • Identify the marketplace that is right for your business
  • Test your product in a market with minimal investment
  • Effectively list your product to maximise conversion
  • Use marketplaces whilst protecting and promoting your brand
  • Expand the reach of your product and drive sales


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