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Business Culture Workshop: China

15 October 2019 at KPMG Birmingham (09:30-12:30)

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About the event

China is often perceived as being a “difficult” market for a variety of reasons, but cultural differences are often cited as one of the main areas of concern.

The purpose of this training is to provide delegates with an awareness of China and Chinese business culture and an insight into how misunderstandings can arise (and be overcome) during business interactions with Chinese people. Delegates will also learn about practical skills that can make business interactions with China more successful.

A successful business relationship needs trust. Emphasizing with your business partners and taking interest in the cultural helps build trust and shows that you are serious about fostering a long-term relationship.

The training will help:

  • to increase understanding about China and the mind set of Chinese people
  • to increase understanding of Chinese culture and its influence on doing business
  • to gain confidence and effectiveness in communicating and maintaining relationships with Chinese partners
  • to conduct successful meeting
  • how to make effective presentations

Who is this workshop for?

This event is funded by West Midlands Chambers of Commerce’s ERDF SME International Growth Project. In order to attend you must be an SME registered within the West Midlands.


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1 Snow Hill Queensway,

Birmingham B4 6GH

Getting there:

KPMG is next to Snowhill Station and a short walk from the following car parks: 

  • B4 Car Park, Weaman St, Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom, B4 6DG (you can pre-book online)
  • Snow Hill Car Park, Livery Street, Birmingham, B3 2BJ
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