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UK at Beijing Expo 2019

The UK is participating at the Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition 2019, the largest Expo of its kind that focuses on green living, sustainability and horticulture under an overarching theme ‘Live Green, Live Better’. The Expo will be the centrepiece of China’s celebrations to mark the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic and will be held in the Yanqing district of Beijing at the foot of the Great Wall. Over 100 countries, all Chinese provinces, and several major organisations are participating, providing a valuable platform for the UK to build pan-China political relationships with key influencers.

Innovating for a greener future

The UK’s overarching theme is ‘Innovating for a Greener Future’ to showcase a nation of pioneers, innovators, scientists and creators. The theme aligns with the UK’s ‘Clean Growth’ agenda, demonstrating leadership in the development of low carbon technologies to improve life quality and economic prosperity, whilst protecting and enhancing the natural environment. The UK provides a compelling blueprint by cutting carbon emissions by more than 40% since 1990 while simultaneously growing the economy by two thirds. Beijing Expo 2019 is a unique opportunity for participating nations to share learning, experience, best practice, and to strengthen a collective commitment to improve the world’s environment for future generations.

The UK garden and pavilion

The UK’s garden and pavilion showcases the country’s rich tradition of horticulture, innovation, design and creativity. Horticultural expertise was provided by Briony Doubleday of Bees’ Gardens, with design support from David Morley Architects.

It celebrates the importance of nature and provides a place for contemplation, meditation and also for relaxation and fun. Visitors walk through a wild wood, a traditional British garden filled with scented flowers and a meadow filled with flowers to attract pollinators, critical to the food chain.

The UK Garden contains 8,000- 10,000 trees and plants and over 100 different species.

A living wall in the shape of a Union Jack is fed with recycled water from the pavilion roof.

Government funding departments

The Department for International Trade (DIT) is leading the UK's involvement at Beijing Expo 2019, in close collaboration with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. DIT is working with a consortium of architectural and design companies led by M-Integrated Solutions to deliver a UK garden and Pavilion experience. The UK’s participation will act as a platform for a 5 month long programme of activities, developed with key partners such as:

  • the British Council
  • Visit Britain
  • the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra)

The highlight will be a UK ‘National Day’ celebration held on the 17th September 2019.

For more information please download the UK’s venue guide.

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