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The GREAT Entrepreneur Games

Istanbul, 23 October 2019

Looking to uncover the most outstanding entrepreneurs across Turkey, the UK’s Department for International Trade (DIT) will be hosting the Turkey chapter of the GREAT Entrepreneur Games on 23 October 2019. 

This initiative by DIT’s Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP) invites entrepreneurs to pitch in a competitive environment to a select group of investors for a virtual £1million seed funding for their projects, using a specially designed app. 
Honouring its name, the event gamifies the pitching process by having the investors award pitching entrepreneurs with virtual seed capital using the app. The entrepreneur with the most virtual investment at the end of the day is declared as the winner and is rewarded with a UK visit. Here, they will be exposed to mentoring and support from the programme’s network of VCs, angel investors, and successful entrepreneurs.

The full-day event will bring together entrepreneurs at the British Consulate-General, Istanbul. About fifty entrepreneurs will be selected among all those who register by 15 September 2019 to take part in the event. In addition, a large number of key businesspeople will attend by invitation who can be pitched to. The entrepreneurs will also have access to distinguished GEP “dealmaker” speakers, who will advise on how to attract investments for their projects.

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The GREAT Entrepreneur Games Turkey is a giant pitching competition – with a difference. It is a real time, simulated investment game where entrepreneurs from tech start-ups or scale ups pitch to investors and other entrepreneurs taking part in the virtual funding.

The format is relatively simple and comprises of two groups - the entrepreneurs and the investors. Each entrepreneur’s company is profiled on the game’s bespoke app (available on iOS and Android) and every investor is given a virtual £1 million on the app to invest in their favourite start-up or scale-up entrepreneur during the day’s sessions. The entrepreneur with the most virtual money invested into their project is the winner.

The main aim of the event is to help entrepreneurs improve their pitching skills as well as provide mentoring and best practice presentations from UK and Turkish experts.

The game is a mix of pitching and networking alongside managed panel discussions and presentations. It attempts to mimic the feel of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the challenges that entrepreneurs face.

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