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China Digital Health Mission 2019

29/08/2019 - 07/09/2019

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Mission Objective

The week long mission will include a visit to WAIC (World AI Conference) Shanghai, China’s leading event for AI with a dedicated morning forum on Medical + AI.  The tour will then continue to Chengdu to offer support to the technology-enabled primary care transformation of Sichuan Province. Lastly UK companies will have the opportunity to visit Wuxi, China’s designated IOT Capital, where a health forum led by AstraZeneca will showcase leading healthcare solutions that have been piloted in the surrounding healthcare system of Jiangsu.

Who you will meet

  • Investors
  • City & Provincial Chinese Govt Officials
  • Healthcare Commisions
  • Chinese Tech Companies
  • Distributors
  • Product Registration Partners


China’s healthcare market is under strain from a rapidly aging population and NCDs such as CVD, Cancer and Diabetes. Strong Chinese government support for healthcare reform, in addition to a vibrant tech ecosystem and increasing flows of capital investment, have seen growth of digital health currently valued at £5.4 billion in 2018 and forecasted to grow to almost £12 billion by 2023. Traditional healthcare companies and institutions as well as giant tech sector disruptors such as Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent are all investing in digital health capabilities to meet the demand and seize the opportunity.

The UK has become a leading global player in developing digital health technologies that could be of enormous value to China’s vast health care challenges, particularly in the creation of a digitally integrated primary healthcare service.


We are particularly keen to hear from UK companies with digital health technology in digital primary care, medical AI, chronic disease management, clinical decision support services (CDSS), medical diagnostic , health big data analytics, electronic medical record (EMR), wearables.

Mission Fees

The cost of participation in this mission is £1,100 +vat per company equivalent to 20 hours on DIT's scale of chargeable services. A 50% discount rate is available for applicants providing an email of recommendation from a DIT International Trade Advisor. To contact your local DIT office, please visit the GREAT website

Letters of invitation for visa purposes will be provided to confirmed participants.

Please do contact us directly with any questions on the mission programme: timothy.johns@fco.gov.uk

Please recheck the site regularly to view any updates.

The closing date for expressions of interest is 15th July 2019.


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* This is a tentative program and subject to change.  Please recheck the site regularly to view any updates.

Further information about conference and visits:

World AI Conference (WAIC)

Wuxi Govt & AstraZeneca iDream Hub

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Thursday, 29 August 2019Arrival day
Friday, 30 August 2019Shanghai: World AI Conference (WAIC)
Saturday, 31 August 2019Shanghai: World AI Conference (WAIC)
Sunday, 1 September 2019Shanghai: World AI Conference (WAIC)
Monday, 2 September 2019Travel Day
Tuesday, 3 September 2019Chengdu: Technology-enabled Primary Care Transformation of Sichuan Province
Wednesday, 4 September 2019Chengdu: Technology-enabled Primary Care Transformation of Sichuan Province
Thursday, 5 September 2019Travel Day
Friday, 6 September 2019Free time / open schedule
Saturday, 7 September 2019Wuxi: IOT Conference and AstraZeneca iDreamHub Opening
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