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Registration of Interest: World Manufacturing Convention, China 2019


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China has one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and it will be the biggest economy in the world in nine years if current trends continue. Can your business ignore the opportunities this may bring?

Derby City and Derbyshire County Councils together with the Midlands Engine and the Department for International Trade are taking a mission to the World Manufacturing Convention - an event that offers an ideal platform to pursue opportunities in China.

About The World Manufacturing Convention:

Taking place in China's Anhui province, the theme of the convention is 'Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Creativity, Embracing the New Era of Manufacturing', and it covers not only manufacturing and engineering, but also the support services needed for a business to thrive (industrial, environmental, financial, technical etc).

This is a significant national level event in China, and the UK’s position as the 'Country of Honour' will be leveraged to maximise business matching.

About the visit:

Derby City and Derbyshire County Councils have a long and close relationship with the province of Anhui and the city of Hefei, with a project director based there. These close relationships will be of real benefit to Derbyshire businesses in preparing for the convention.

By joining the visit, delegates will be in a position to take advantage of the following:

  Free entry to the World Manufacturing Convention
  Personalised and pre-arranged business matching with companies in Anhui and at the convention.
  Before the mission, an introduction programme on the business environment and on operating in China delivered by the China–Britain Business Council (CBBC).
  Specific UK business events to showcase all that we have to offer.
  Midlands Engine funding of £940 will be available for those companies in the Midlands Engine area who meet the required eligibility criteria as detailed on the application form provided.

Register your interest:

Register your interest in following up this opportunity, free and without obligation.

For any other enquiries contact the Department for International Trade East Midlands at events@tradeEM.co.uk or call 0345 052 4001.







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Visit details:

Location: Anhui Province, China

Date: 20 - 23 September 2019


Midlands Engine

Organised by:

The Midlands Engine is the heartbeat of Britain’s economy Built on a strong advanced manufacturing base and enhanced by a range of sectoral strengths, the Midlands Engine is perfectly positioned to take advantage of economic growth, productivity and skills opportunities.

We will improve the economy of the Midlands and the UK, deliver an enhanced quality of life for our citizens and communities and become a globally recognised driver of the economy. We will create a thriving environment for businesses to flourish.