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Department for International Trade: The Business of Resilience Conference 2021


Climate change, natural catastrophes and environmental stress are creating new risks, acting as a ‘threat multiplier’ to increase the impact of existing risks. Alongside climate risk there is increasing awareness and demand for solutions against other forms of systemic risk. These include earthquakes, terrorism, cyber-attacks and pandemics. Building economic and societal resilience is a high priority across high, middle and low-income countries alike.
Enhancing resilience requires new levels of collaboration and innovation between the public and private sector and across industries. This includes insurance, finance, engineering, technology, modelling and regulation.
The Department for International Trade hosted The Business of Resilience Conference 2021 with high-level stakeholders (world class executives/experts) from these industries to learn, create, develop and implement strategies to strengthen regional and global resilience and help close the ‘protection gap’.

The Business of Resilience Conference brought together stakeholders with resilience challenges (public sector bodies and civil society) and resilience solutions (including insurers, risk financiers, broker and development consultants) to understand why the ‘protection gap' is widening and how the public and private sectors can best collaborate to reduce the gap and offer solutions. 

Over 50 leading sector experts contributed, sharing their knowledge and leading discussions about how to increase access to resilience finance, and access private insurance capital to support disaster risk financing solutions. The panel sessions shed light on how technology can enhance insurance and resilience while lowering costs and improving accessibility and shared how sustainable and resilient infrastructure can be procured.

The Business of Resilience Conference was also supported by nine partners, with virtual booths hosting a variety of information and contacts. 

All the panel sessions can be viewed on the On Demand tab. You are also able to reach out to our partner booths by visiting the link below and navigating to the Partner Booth section.



Watch on demand here

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Event Details


23rd and 24th March, 2021


23rd March

(13:00-18:00 GMT/ 08:00-13:00 EST (Eastern Standard Time) – Natural Catastrophes and Climate

24th March

(09:30-14:00 GMT/ 17:30-22:00 CST (China Standard Time) - non-Nat CATs, including Cyber and Pandemics






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