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Midlands Engine: Digital market visit to San Diego, Irvine, LA and Maryland e-Brochure

UK Company Profiles: July 2020

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Located in the centre of the United Kingdom, the Midlands is both the heartbeat and the engine-room of the nation's economy.

The Midlands is home to one of the most important Life Sciences ecosystems in the UK with more than 1200 life science companies and the second largest concentration of MedTech companies in the UK based here. It is also a major centre for clinical research, which stems from its high number of world class universities, research centres and incubators.

The City of Nottingham, home to MediCity based within the Walgreen Boots Alliance UK’s headquarters, is where biotechnology, life science product and diagnostics, medical device and industrial biotechnology companies can showcase their products and services to leaders and decision makers within Walgreen Boots Alliance amongst others. The area is designed to encourage collaboration and productivity.

Located in Birmingham, the UK’s second largest city, the Institute for Translational Medicine (ITM) brings experts together to turn medical science into innovative patient and healthcare system applications, academic clinicians, clinical informatics, biostatisticians and trial design experts in biomarker development and validation.

Midlands Health Innovation is a collaboration of eight world-class Universities (Aston, Birmingham, Cranfield, Keele, Leicester, Loughborough, Nottingham, and Warwick), combining their collective excellence to unite the power of University research with the unique strengths of Midlands industry to drive cutting edge innovation and skills development. Midlands Innovation have supported the Government, NHS, frontline services and communities during the COVID 19 outbreak with the universities in the Midlands uniting to help with the fight against the virus.

"We are living in unusual times. COVID-19 continues to impact every part of our lives, in every corner of the world. Businesses engaged in international trade have experienced uniquely challenging trading circumstances as a result of the global pandemic.

As we move forward, we are seeing inspiring innovations and new ways of working that will propel this region’s economic recovery in the future and the region’s strengths in the life science and medtech sectors."

Ian Harrison,
Head of Exports,
DIT Midlands region

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  The Department for International Trade (DIT) helps businesses export, drives inward and outward investment, negotiates market access and trade deals, and champions free trade.  
Midlands Engine
  The Midlands Engine partnership works to promote the extensive opportunities and vast capabilities of our region, both across global markets and within every part of the UK.  
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UK Delegates: July 2020

We have gathered together more than twenty delegates from across the Midlands region who are keen to collaborate and work with international companies, universities and research organisations. Here are just a few of them:

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