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UK FinTech virtual Mission

to Austria and Switzerland (Update: Virtual and one day only)

Vienna/Zurich (Virtual) | 28th January 2021

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UK FinTech Virtual Mission 

The UK FinTech Virtual Mission to Austria and Switzerland, organised by the Department for International Trade (DIT) and Scottish Development International (SDI), is an excellent opportunity for UK FinTech companies looking to expand their business in the Swiss and Austrian markets. This mission will offer 25-30 UK FinTechs a programme of networking opportunities to present their technologies and services to potential clients.

How can I join this mission?

A maximum of 30 UK-registered companies will be selected to join the mission. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the event will now be organised virtually and jointly for both markets on a single day. You will present your FinTech solutions to innovation managers and senior executives in Austrian and Swiss banks, insurance companies, asset management and venture capital firms and hold short introductory 1-2-1 meetings with interested representatives.

The Virtual Mission will now be hosted as a joint event on January, 28th 2021. A further reduced single fee will now apply.

In order to join the virtual mission, please register below.

Selection process: The two-stage selection process will involve DIT and SDI teams as well as a panel of experts, taking into account the preferences of potential clients who will be attending the events. We use this method to ensure that you have the best chances of meeting the right matches – so that you are not wasting your time or money.



Austria/Switzerland: The mission will be fully virtual. UK FinTech companies must have the capacity and availability to participate online and provide a high-quality pre-recorded pitch, maximum 3 minutes long. 

Participation fee: £385 £165 excl. value-added tax (VAT)

Registration does not guarantee attendance, as all companies will be pre-selected prior to confirmation.

Registration deadline: Thursday, 15th October 2020



Why Austria? Isn’t it more Mozart than FinTech?​

The companies which you are pitching to have an extremely high market share across Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). This means that, if they buy your products or services, you could immediately have a presence across upwards of 15 countries.

Austria is a country of wealthy consumers, with GDP per capita of €38k (vs. €34k in UK). It also has the highest level of smartphone and internet access in the CEE region. The market for FinTech in Austria is projected to reach €588 million by the end of 2020 and FinTech investments in the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) rank second in the EU after the UK. Limited domestic expertise means big opportunities for UK companies to get first-mover advantage in the market.

See the video of our last UK FinTech Mission below:


Why Switzerland?

Switzerland is one of the most competitive and diversified financial centres in the world, with a large pool of customers for FinTech companies. In 2018, Switzerland was home to 248 banks and 199 insurers. Zurich and Geneva, ranked 2nd and 5th in the European Financial Centres Index, show a particularly high density of financial institutions. Together, they comprise of over two thirds of all banks in Switzerland.

Switzerland is also global leader in international wealth management with a share of 27 percent of the worldwide market. The client’s assets managed by the banks amount to approximately £6 trillion, of which more than £1.8 trillion are from private clients outside of Switzerland.

In recent years, banks and insurances have been facing a number of challenges, including the effects of digitalisation, stricter regulatory and due diligence requirements, emerging challenger banks as well as a decline in margins. Pressure to increase productivity therefore continues. Innovative technologies can give the Swiss financial sector a much-needed boost by reducing costs and adapting to recent shifts in customer behaviour.

The last UK FinTech Mission welcomed over 100 representatives from the financial sector, including banks and insurances, investors as well as associations and incubators from Zurich and Geneva.  

See the video of our last UK FinTech Mission below:




'The Mission was an invaluable experience for us; we made sales connections that we would have never been able to make without the help of DIT.  We have ongoing conversations with lots of the Swiss and Austrian companies and are confident of making sales in these markets.'

Ben Jafari
Senior Commercial Manager

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28th January 2021 (Virtual, CET, (UK +1))

10.00 Opening of the Fintech Virtual Mission 2021

All day Pitch and Appointment Room | Virtual Booths
10.15-11.00 Workshops

  1. Fintech & Strategic Partnerships
  2. Customers’ Behaviour & Social Shifts post Covid-19
  3. Regulatory Requirements & Policy Implications
  4. FinTech Plumbing: Process Automation, Open Banking & New Infrastructure

11-13.00 Networking: Visit Booths, and arrange 1-2-1 meetings – Austrian and Swiss Financial Institutions & UK Fintech Companies
from 13.00 to Open-Ended Networking and 1-2-1 Meetings – Swiss Financial Institutions & UK Fintech Companies


Virtual Venue

Details will be provided to delegates

Points of Contact


Ryan Jepson



Marie Gow

Tessa Kofmel