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Discover how you can grow your business in the UK’s

Retail-tech and Agri-tech sectors

28/09/2020 11:30 am to 1:00 pm CET time

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Retail-tech and Agri-tech

Retail-tech and agri-tech are amongst some of the fastest growing sectors in the UK.

This webinar organised by the UK Government’s Department for International Trade in partnership with Euratechnologies will offer exclusive insights from industry specialists on how you can grow your business in the UK

Retail-tech: The UK’s retail-tech sector is the third biggest ecommerce market in the world after only China and the US! The UK retail sector is a leader in innovation. E-commerce and self-service are reshaping the shopping experience across the world and have put the UK at the vanguard of multi-channel shopping. UK retail accounts for 11% of global internet retail sales and the UK has the highest spend per head for e-commerce of any country.  

Agri-tech: The UK’s agri-tech sector has seen rapid growth over the past 3 years. Over 70% of land in the UK is used for agriculture, an industry valued at £26 billion, representing over 7% of Europe’s total agriculture market. Discover how the UK’s oldest industry, agriculture, is teaming up with the UK’s world class science, and innovative technology to respond to its increased demand for production as well as meeting its targets for a carbon neutral economy.

Join us to find out more about opportunities for your business and how the Department for International Trade can support you.

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