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Grow Your Exports Programme

Virtual workshop programme for September 2020

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Available from September 2020 for Yorkshire and the Humber businesses

Get set for the next stage of your exporting journey with the Grow Your Exports Programme. Delivered by the Department for International Trade (DIT) this programme of free online events is designed to give you the tools you need to strengthen your business after the impact of COVID-19 and help you plan for the future, your international business growth, and expansion into overseas markets.

Starting in September 2020, you can choose from up to nine virtual workshops delivered by industry specialists. From revisiting your export strategy, to tips on financial recovery, to pricing your products and services, these workshops will ensure you have everything you need to move your exporting business forward.

The Grow Your Exports Programme will be an interactive virtual experience hosted on Microsoft Teams which can be accessed via the app or simply on your web browser.

Choose from the following events and prepare your very own personal Grow Your Exports Programme.

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On registering for this programme, we will be collecting personal information as part of our registration process. This information will be processed and shared within the Department for International Trade (DIT) and with selected third parties for purposes connected with DIT performing a task in the public interest or to fulfil an official function and the task or function has a clear basis in law. DIT takes your privacy very seriously. Your personal data shall be processed according to the Department for International Trade’s Fair Processing Notice available here.

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Nine workshops available to attend

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Revisit Your Export Strategy
Wednesday 2 September, 14:00 - 15:00 - RECORDING COMING SOON

Prepare your export strategy in this interactive workshop with Simon Bedford, International Trade Adviser at DIT. In this session, we will look at what has changed in recent months and how analysing your export action plan now can help you make long-term adjustments for the future of your exporting business.

How Innovation Can Transform Your Business
Thursday 10 September, 13:00 - 15:30 - RECORDING COMING SOON

Innovation has played a crucial role in keeping businesses afloat during these challenging times. Innovative thinking is a skill that can help businesses grow in many ways. In this all new workshop, we’ll be joined by industry experts from Edenic Group who will look at how you can inspire yourself to think differently, how you can identify areas of potential within your business and ultimately, how to move your new ideas forward to develop your international growth.

Impact and Changes to International Trade
Friday 11 September, 12:00 - 13:00 - RECORDING COMING SOON

In recent months, we have seen great changes to the way the way we do business globally. In this one-hour virtual event with Kevin Shakespeare Institute of Export, we’ll explore the most recent developments that are impacting delivery, supply chains and customer engagement across the world, and what businesses need to consider to minimise further disruption.

Re-Establish Your International Relationships
Monday 14 September, 14:00 - 15:00 - RECORDING COMING SOON

As the world reopens, prepare yourself to reach out to new and existing contacts and remind them that you’re ready to get back to business. In this workshop with John Harrison, international strategy and marketing specialist, we’ll look at which markets could be right for your business to approach and when is best to re-engage with your marketing plan. This session will look at how to apply an effective communications strategy and ensure your message is right for your target audience.

Changes to Shipping Goods Overseas
Tuesday 15 September, 13:00 - 14:30 Due to unforseen circumstances, this workshop has been postponed. If you would like to attend, register as normal and we will be in touch with the new date.

The global pandemic had a significant effect on exporting businesses shipping their products overseas. In this interactive workshop with logistics export Karen Mosley, Director, Kranlee Logistics, we’ll look at how businesses can re-establish their logistics after the impacts of COVID-19 and what changes they should be aware of when shipping goods to markets.

Tips for Financial Recovery after COVID-19
Friday 18 September, 11:00 - 12:00

After the challenging start to the financial year, this workshop will look at how your exporting business can prepare for the next steps. Hosted by Simon Bedford and Colin Russell, International Trade Advisers at DIT, we will look at important aspects of financing your international trade as part of your COVID-19 recovery plan. We’ll also explore working capital and export insurance and more with special guest Robin Priestley from UKEF.

Pricing Your Products and Services after COVID-19
Tuesday 29 September, 10:00 - 11:30

Choosing the price of your goods and services is a crucial decision for any business. In this workshop, we’ll be joined by David Abbott, international marketing and pricing expert, who will look at the psychology of pricing and how business pricing decisions have been impacted in recent months. This workshop will also cover some insights on consumer behaviour and how exporting businesses can apply this to forward thinking.

Finding Your Next International Market
Wednesday 30 September, 14:00 - 15:00

With the world getting back to business and new opportunities emerging, it’s time to start researching your next international market. In this one-hour workshop with Simon Bedford, International Trade Adviser at DIT, we’ll look at changes to the global market, what countries are worth exploring and how to identify which new markets are seeking your goods and services.

Alternative Ways to Sell Internationally
Thursday 1 October, 14:00 - 15:00

Recent months have shown that businesses are finding innovative ways to reach their customers. In this one-hour workshop with Liz Ward, Founder, Virtuoso Legal and Simon Bedford, International Trade Adviser, DIT, we’ll explore what alternative routes you could take to sell overseas. As global circumstances change, we’ll look at opportunities in direct selling, licensing, franchising and more as well as how your businesses can take a whole new direction to exporting.

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