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Getting Goods to Market and Export Procedures 

Join a 2 part half-day masterclass | Part 1 - 28 September | Part 2 - 13 October | 09:00-12:30 


Join this virtual half-day workshop hosted by The Enhanced Export Growth Project in partnership with Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire Growth Hub...


The sessions will be delivered by David Hooper, Managing Director of Hooper and Co international Trade Consultancy. David specialises in providing advice and consultancy to businesses involved in international trade with a particular focus on customs compliance and logistics.


Is this workshop right for me? 

This two part workshop is aimed at individuals and businesses that are new to exporting and want to develop a better understanding of the procedures involved in actually exporting their goods once they have received an order from their overseas customers. 

The workshops will look at exports on a practical level in terms of understanding the processes and procedures involved in getting goods to market, using real life case studies and examples to show how the processes should be managed and the roles and responsibilities for you, the transport company and the ultimate customer. 

The workshop will be broken up into two parts and businesses will be encouraged to work on an action plan. At the end of the session the attendee will have a clear understanding of how exports work, how a business should manage them, the costs involved, customs procedures and compliance issues. 

Following the sessions, delegates will be given the opportunity to access a one to one session with the trainer to discuss any specific areas or to simply re-cap on particular topics. 


What will the workshops cover?

The workshop will focus on how international trade procedures will work after the end of the Brexit Transition period in January 2021 and so the knowledge and skills acquired by attending will be relevant going forward. Key topics to be covered include:

  • receiving the order and the sales contract
  • identifying the importance of Incoterms
  • the paperwork and documentation required for the export and the key data, information and format of paperwork
  • the customs data that must be used such as the Commodity Code, Origin and Value
  • packing requirements
  • how to obtain quotes for shipping – simple formulas and templates to ensure quotes obtained are understood and can be properly compared
  • selecting the right mode of transport i.e. depending on the size, market, and timings
  • collection procedures
  • the transit procedure and the customs controls at export and at import in the corresponding market
  • the risks, obligations, and costs for each party at transit, subject to Incoterms and insurance
  • communications with the key partners during the process, i.e. transport companies, customs brokers and the customers or end users to ensure issues are addressed
  • customs compliance and regulatory issues to ensure goods are exported correctly, the treatment of VAT and HMRC expectation


Why attend?

  • Gain an understanding of the key stages of the export process
  • Understand your roles and responsibilities and how to deal with customs controls
  • Understand how export procedures will work post-EU Exit
  • Bespoke post-workshop checklist summarising your key points
  •  Benefit from post-workshop 1:1 support


At the end of each workshop delegates will be given a brief action plan / checklist which summaries all the key stages that they can then use on a practical level for each export order. 


Eligibility and Registration: 

ERDF support is subject to eligibility criteria – SMEs wanting to access this support must first confirm their eligibility by completing an SME declaration Form. 

To find out more contact John Wigley | M: +44 7936 921539 | E: j.wigley@wmchambers.co.uk or speak with your existing Growth Hub account manager.


Register your interest in attending this session below.

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