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UK-India – Collaboration Opportunities in the Education Sector  

Monday, 9 November 2020, 1130 hrs GMT 

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About the event

India is the 2nd largest market for E- Learning and has the second highest number of EdTech companies in the world. The Education market in India is surpassing all forecasts of growth, the market has unravelled opportunities for Global & Domestic Edtech companies due to the demand to access quality education from a young population of learners. The opportunity is indeed very big but there are challenges in providing equitable access to education to all due to a dominant digital divide in the Indian society and other factors.
The objective of this knowledge sharing session is to identify gaps in delivery of education in India and opportunities to leverage technology to move a step closer towards our endeavour to provide equitable access to education for all in India. 

Below are the topics and the speakers for the session:

Digital education in India – ways to make it inclusive  
Subir Shukla, Principal Coordinator Group – Ignus

Delivering education in rural India- role of NGO’s, funding agencies & government
Saurabh Johri, Consultant Asian Development Bank

Infrastructure & reach of digital education in India  
Subramaniam Seshadri, Director Lonely Planet India

Operational readiness to engage with the non-profit sector in India  
Abhinav Sood, Financial Consultant Sannam S4

Shared Perspectives: UK’s experience of equitable access & levelling up education access
Caroline Wright, Director General of British Educational Suppliers' Association (BESA)

Redefining Inclusion
Carrie-Ann Gibson, International Education Manager, Text help


Event details:

Monday, 09 November 2020 

1130-1300 hrs GMT / 1700-1830 hrs IST


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