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The Department for International Trade (DIT) has announced a series of measures to support businesses in the consumer and retail industry to export overseas as part of its efforts to help the sector recover from COVID-19. This support will focus on market education, enhanced digital tools and access to growing cross-border ecommerce opportunities, as well as increased marketing of the UK’s strengths at international events, and boosting investment opportunities for retail tech.


Consumer Goods Export Academy

A digital learning syllabus of consumer & retail-focused webinars to help businesses export.  

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Market Factsheets

Our market guides can help you find export opportunities and prepare to do business in new markets. For factsheets on key markets for consumer and retail, including the latest post-pandemic information please see below.

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To help consumer and retail businesses develop international, multi-channel, e-commerce strategies fit for the changing retail environment:

  • The launch of an International Clicks Fast Track Initiative which will focus on accessing B2B ecommerce marketplaces.  These can be found on the link below along with our B2C marketplaces on our Selling Online Overseas tool.
  • The roll out of a pilot Omnichannel Optimiser Initiative which supports retailers in developing strategies that maximise and blend sales channels whether online, offline or social media.
  • An FDI marketing campaign that is aimed at promoting and attracting inward investment into the UK from international investors operating in ecommerce and its associated sectors.

For qualifying companies, get direct ecommerce support by getting in touch with your local Ecommerce Adviser through your local DIT office

You can find ecommerce marketplaces looking to source from UK sellers through our Selling Online Overseas tool

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Retail Tech

To launch and develop the UK’s strengths and showcase world-leading Retail Tech opportunities.

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Global Events


Showcasing “Brand Britain” at global events will offer ideal opportunities for a wide range of consumer goods companies to showcase their expertise to a global audience. Checkout these opportunities:


Help for your business

Get free local export support

Find new markets for your business and join the thousands of UK companies that are successfully selling overseas. Our local trade teams can offer free export-related advice to help your business trade internationally. Find out how they can help you. 


Get export finance

UK Export Finance help UK businesses win export contracts by providing attractive financing terms to their buyers, fulfil contracts by supporting working capital loans and get paid by insuring against buyer default. Find out how they can help and check if you are eligible.

Find out what’s on and register for upcoming events and webinars:

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