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Africa Week 2021

Date: Monday 22nd - Friday 26th February 2021

A 5-day virtual event identifying opportunities for UK companies in selected African markets.

This event will showcase tangible business and partnership opportunities, enhance relationships between UK companies and African stakeholders and promote knowledge sharing.

“Africa is the future and the UK has a huge and active role to play in that future,” Boris Johnson (UK-Africa Investment Summit, January 2020)

Join the Department for International Trade in the East of England to discover the scope of opportunities which await your company in Africa.

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Comprising of 54 nations, 9 of which appear in the top 15 fastest growing economies in the world, Africa boasts a wealth of possibilities for UK exporters.

The event will be opened by Emma Wade-Smith OBE, her Majesty’s Trade Commissioner for Africa followed by a panel discussion on Strengthening the economic ties between the UK and Africa.

The week will then be split by sector focus:


With a population of 1.3bn and a median age of 19, education is critical to Africa’s success. The UK is one of Africa’s leading education partners and this afternoon will highlight the opportunities available in the Higher Education and EdTech sectors.

Life Science and Healthcare

The UK is a proud leader in digital health, healthcare systems and life science innovation. With the healthcare industry in Africa growing at 5% annually there are a wealth of opportunities for UK companies. 

Sustainable Agri-Tech

24% of all GDP across the African continent can be attributed to Agriculture. With agri-business set to be a $1 trillion industry in Africa by 2030, and the UK a leader in agricultural innovation, the opportunities for British companies are immense. 

Transition to Renewable Energy

With COP26 being hosted in the UK this year, addressing climate change and supporting a transition to a cleaner, low-carbon economy, both in the UK and across the globe, has become a priority. The morning will examine the opportunities within renewable energy and the afternoon will look at how oil and gas companies can begin to transition to net zero carbon.


In Africa the UK reputation for quality, standards and delivery is highly prized and Africa offers countless opportunities for UK companies.

Multi-Sector On Demand Content

In our online library you will find a wealth of information examining the practicalities of exporting to African nations. Watch recordings on identifying the right African market for your company, scam identification, mobile banking, marketing, negotiation, NGO supply chains and more.

Or grab a cup of tea and listen to companies sharing their stories, experiences and lessons learnt in our podcast series.

For more information about the event please contact:

Email: diteastevents@mobile.trade.gov.uk

Phone: +44 (0) 1707 398 398


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Monday, 22nd February 2021
Multi-Sector On Demand Content available all week
10:00 am - 1:00 pmWelcome
2:00 pm - 4:15 pmEducation
Tuesday, 23rd February 2021
10:00 am - 3:45 pmLife Science and Healthcare
Wednesday, 24th February 2021
10:00 am - 3:00 pmSustainable Agri-Tech
Thursday, 25th February 2021
10:00 am - 3:45 pmTransition to Renewable Energy
Friday, 26th February 2021
10:00 am - 1:30 pmInfrastructure
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