Events > DIT Life Sciences and Healthcare: Data Protection and Compliance in China

DIT Life Sciences and Healthcare: Data Protection and Compliance in China

10:00-10:45am GMT, 27 January 2021

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This webinar will provide an overview on how to enter China whilst protecting your business interests, such as data, with a focus on the life sciences and healthcare sector across China.

A common and major concern for UK businesses is protecting their data. This webinar will address the current situation and will seek to 'demystify' the data environment, including the cybersecurity law and address common concerns that UK businesses may experience when entering China. 

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10:00- Introduction from DIT London - Daniel Tse, Market Manager for China and Hong Kong

10:05 - Data Protection and Compliance in China- Mark Schaub - International Partner, King & Wood Mallesons

10:25- Q&A's

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The Market

China is the world’s second-largest healthcare market and continues to develop at double-digit rates. At £750billion it offers significant and growing commercial opportunities, including £90billon in pharma/biotech and £50billion med tech/diagnostics for 2019. 


By 2020, China’s healthcare spending is expected to account for 6.5 to 7 percent of its total GDP, which is around £1.2 trillion. By 2030, China’s healthcare market is targeted to reach RMB 16 trillion (around £1.8 trillion). China offers the largest growth opportunity for all the emerging economies. China’s primary care market is therefore expected to grow from £42 billion in 2015 to £98 billion in 2020. Projections estimate 7000 clinics will open annual over the next ten years. At the heart of China’s health reform is the creation of a tiered system, based on general practitioners (GPs) and community health centres. China plans to train more than 300,000 general practitioners by 2030 to better cope with a national shortage, as released in its national healthcare strategy. For the healthcare sector in 2020-2021, DIT will focus our activity on the following clinical areas: respiratory (COPD), children and women’s health, diabetes and CVD.

Life Sciences

In 2019, China ranked as the second largest pharmaceutical market, growing from 9th in 2007. In 2018. US$43 billion of life sciences investment was raised for new venture capital and private equity funds.  China’s influence in life sciences has grown exponentially and now has numerous companies that serve the domestic market in providing greater access to medical products.

For the life sciences sector in 2020-2021, DIT will focus on medical technology and the pharmaceutical industry, to bring more UK innovations to Chinese patients.

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