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UK - India Aquaculture Partnerships for Research and Innovation

8-11 March, 2021 

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About the event

A ‘virtual visit' of Indian aquaculture policy makers and research leaders to the UK

This initiative aims to foster policy exchange, science and innovation partnerships between both the countries that can deliver a tangible impact on improving aquaculture stock productivity and develop a sustainable system that maintains the quality, demand and supply based needs of the sector. The visit programme will involve interactive sessions and facility “tours” for high-level officials and academics that represent the sector in India with leading institutions and research facilities in the UK.

So here’s a real opportunity to explore a diverse array of technological innovations and collaboration opportunities through this engagement!


Topics Addressed:

  • Genomics and Health: breeding, stock improvement, aquaculture health and welfare
  • Aquaculture monitoring - systems and strategies
  • Sustainable and SMART Aquaculture management

Why Participate:

How can you benefit from this event?

  • Hear views and updates from senior decision makers in Government and academia on UK and Indian policy, research and innovation opportunities in the short, medium and long term; 
  • Network 1-1 with leading UK and Indian researchers and policymakers every day to discuss your interests and common priorities in more detail.

Top objectives to make your stay a success:

  • Take advantage of our networking sessions – don’t be shy about striking up conversations in the margins 

  • Make the sessions interactive; ask our virtual tour guides questions and participate in discussions; we want to hear from you!

  • Be specific in terms of which partnerships you’d like to forge in the future: This could the beginning of a research consortium or a commercial pilot. Aim high!

Register for B2B meetings

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