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Trading with the EU: Helping Exporters Find Solutions



FREE one-hour consultations with EU trade experts: 29th March – 30th July 2021

Trading with the EU can be highly profitable, rewarding, exciting and at times challenging.

We provide extensive advice and information, but we appreciate that at times you may need more in-depth expertise from an international trade expert.

To further assist you in your efforts to develop and grow your trade with your EU clients, we are offering an unique opportunity to discuss your particular challenge or opportunity.

In this first series of consultations, the following expertise will be available:

Topic Areas Covered
Rules of Origin
  • A general overview of rules of origin and introduction to preferential and non-preferential rules – purpose, principles, legal sources, latest trends, development and harmonisation. What companies need to know about RoOs and where to look for them.
  • Overview of certification and division of responsibilities. Who needs to provide a certificate? Who is responsible for determining the origin.
  • Introduction to determining origin.
  • Talking a company through rules of origin for their particular goods and helping them to understand what steps they need to take to determine origin.
  • Discussing other more specific issues such as sets, goods returned to the EU and imports into NI.
  • Advising in relation to structuring supply chains to ensure business continuity, and to minimise overseas VAT compliance costs.
  • VAT support in relation to managing overseas import VAT obligations and routine VAT compliance.

Including, but not limited to:

  • Supporting UK businesses to facilitate EU customers requiring DDP contracts.
  • Managing supply chains that take place wholly within the EU.
  • Facilitating retail sales to EU private individuals, particularly through online marketplaces, such as Amazon & eba
Customs Procedures

  • Customs Processes & Documentation Requirements
  • Commodity Codes & Preferential Trade
  • Inward & Outward Processing
  • Understanding the importance about applying the right Incoterms
Movement of Goods

Practical advice on movement of goods/ triangulation (selling or buying goods in the UK or EU but delivering goods to the EU or rest of the world). Including but not limited to:

  • Setting up EORI numbers
  • Exporter/ importer of record
  • Formalities depending on the principle (owner of the goods)
  • Fiscal representation
GB/NI Trade

  Practical advice on the process of moving goods from Great Britain to Northern Ireland.   Including but not limited to:

  • NI Protocol – an overview
  • Goods ‘at risk’
  • Trader Support Service
  • Documentation Required to Move Goods GB to NI including:
  • ENS (Entry Summary Declaration)
  • SFD (Simplified Frontier Declaration) 
  • Supplementary Declarations
  • GVMS

      Transport routes through Belfast and Dublin including transit

Details about the one-to-one meetings:

  • How long are the consultations? One-hour, either online or a telephone call with the trade expert.
  • How many consultations can I book? You can book one consultation per trade expert.
  • When will these take place? Consultations can take place between 29th March to 30th July 2021 

To register, you must comply with the following eligibility criteria:

  • You must be a SME (Definition: less than 250 employees; turnover less than €50 million & business ownership by another entity, being less than 25%)
  • Your business must be located in either North East LEP or Tees Valley LEP regions 

​​​​Registration Process:

  1. Complete this registration form, including ticking which topics you’re interested in and a brief description of your enquiry.
  2. Your registration will be checked for eligibility.
  3. You will receive an email:
  • Confirming your eligibility
  • Introducing you to the consultant(s) of the topic(s) you have selected, to arrange bilaterally your 1 hour consultation(s) with them.
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