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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a wide diversity of practical applications, as well as a cross-cutting nature that does not limit its impact to a single sector, but creates important commercial opportunities and generates profound impacts on people's lives. The UK, one of the global leaders in the development of AI technologies worldwide, and Brazil, which in recent years has rapidly emerged in Latin America as a hub for business and research in AI, have several points of synergy and the possibility of interaction in business and research for even greater joint development in the field of AI."

This initiative is a product of the partnership between the British Embassy in Brazil, the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and C4AI (research centre for Artificial Intelligence - USP, FAPESP and IBM). It marks the launching of the report "Artificial Intelligence in Brazil and the United Kingdom - Opportunities for cooperation in research, business and government", a study of the current ecosystem for AI in Brazil and the United Kingdom. In this webinar, we will present the key findings of the report and discuss with experts the opportunities for further partnership in AI between the UK and Brazil.