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The Export Shed

The Export Shed is a place to gather, learn and exchange export-related ideas.

13th January 2022 -  The Export Shed - New Year New View - 10.00-11.00

As we move into 2022 it feels as though the last two years have been somewhat of a whirlwind for businesses in the South West.

Two years ago we still had membership of the EU, albeit in the form of a transition period and COVID-19 wasn’t on anyone’s immediate radar here in the UK.

Since then we have had to react, adapt and change at light speed, and many of these adaptations were neither predicted nor planned for.

The way we export to places like the EU has changed and the new Free Trade Agreements are helping to reduce trade barriers with countries and regions all across the globe.

We in the Export Shed thought it would be a good time to gauge your opinion for the next 24 months.

How do you think your business will continue to evolve. What hopes and dreams do you have for the future and how are you starting to plan for these.

Maybe you are looking to extend your customer base into new territories, maybe you are looking to tighten up some of the re-active processes that were necessary because of COVID or maybe you are looking for new or increased opportunities within existing overseas markets.

Join us on 13th January for the next meeting of the Export Shed to bring your ideas, thoughts and challenges to the table so that together we can discuss, share ideas and connect your business with peers for mutual benefit.


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What is The Export Shed?

Part workshop, part discussion forum, you will always find experts in international business in The Export Shed.

From market specialists, market researchers, export managers and digital experts to guest participants, our speakers will bring their insights and experiences on the current international trade-related topics of the day.

It is the ideal place for peers to discuss and share experiences, ideas and knowledge.

Take a look at each of our sessions.


What will I learn?

Attendees will contribute to, learn from and take inspiration from the experiences, ideas and advice shared by exporting peers and international trade specialists.

The Export Shed is a model for the future of sharing, support and advice in a collaborative environment.

View our regular speakers of the Export Shed.


Who is this event for?

UK South West-based exporters who are currently exporting or plan to export in the future.

This event is not open to third party consultants.


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Please Note: We will send you details of the online platform and login details prior to the event.

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Privacy Policy

We take your data very seriously and are committed to the privacy and security of it. This event is organised by Business West, delivery partner for The Department of International Trade for the SW,  their privacy policies are available at DIT Personal Information Charter.

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