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August, 2021

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If you are an UK company and are interested in the Brazilian Mining sector, this is the right opportunity for you to showcase your expertise.

The Department for International Trade, in partnership with Vale, is hosting a Virtual Meet the Buyer to introduce UK businesses to their Powershift Project in Brazil. Vale is especially interested in partners for their Pelletizing Process Stage (induration furnace): 


Challenges description: 

  1. New Burners (Biochar/Biofuels)Burners with a capacity of at least 3MW.
  2. ​​​​Breakthrough technologies (Moonshots): Novel technologies, early to late stage TRL level, with high potential of CO2 reduction.
  3. Electric burnersBurners with a capacity of at least 3MW.
  4. Electric induration solutions: Any solution to indurate pellets. Example: microwave heating.

  5. Limestone replacement: Any solution to reduce the amount of limestone in the pellet to correct pellet B2 basicity or B4.
  6. Energy Efficiency: OCS optimization and AI control.
  7. Carbon Capture and Utilization: Capture of CO2 of off-gases with less than 2% CO2 and flow rate of over 1 million Nm³/h.
  8. Pre-Drying of green pellets: Drying of up to 700 - 1000 ton pellets per hour with 7-10% moisture to 0-2% moisture before the furnace.


*This event is focusing on hard technology.

*Exclusive to UK companies.

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  • Application opens from 17th June to 16th July
  • The e-mail with the result will be sent until 30th July
  • 1 - 2 - 1 Meetings: August


Check out below the lauching webinar recording, which explain more about the process of the Meet the Buyer and solve doubts from the audience. This event was a partnership between Department for International Trade Mining team in Brazil and Vale's technical team.