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UK-Turkey Electrifying Mobility Day:

EV Manufacturing and Infrastructure

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20 October 2021

The Department for International Trade (DIT) in partnership with Midlands Engine is delighted to invite you to join the Virtual UK-Turkey Electrifying Mobility Day: Electric Vehicle (EV) Manufacturing and Infrastructure organised in collaboration with the Republic of Turkey’s Ministry of Industry and Technology. This event has been designed to showcase how the UK’s expertise in the EV mobility sphere can support EV manufacturing in Turkey and charging infrastructure to reduce emissions.

The event* will bring together thought-leaders from business and government and host keynotes, panel discussions and company presentations. These include EV manufacturing and charging infrastructure technologies. As a follow-up to this event, we will organise B2B meetings where Turkish and UK companies who are taking part in the event will have the opportunity to have direct engagement with each other.

*Simultaneous translation will be provided during the event.

Why UK?

  • Electric Vehicles 

The UK has one of Europe’s most competitive car-making industries, with six mainstream car manufacturers and eight major premium and sports car manufacturers, supported by 2,500 component providers. Around 80% of the UK’s finished vehicles are exported to 160 markets and the sector generated £30.1bn in exports in 2020, including £25bn of finished vehicles and £4.6bn in parts and accessories.

The UK’s world-leading automotive innovation ecosystem has world-class expertise in zero-carbon powertrains, batteries, motors and power electronics, backed by substantial government R&D funding. Our global motorsport leadership, with over 80% of the world’s top motorsport engineers and designers, drives innovation that finds its way into mass-market vehicles, and is increasingly focused on zero-emission technologies. The UK is a natural choice for companies wanting to procure high-quality, low-carbon automotive products and services and already supplies global car companies with engineering expertise for the development of their new electric models.

UK’s leading technologies on EV:

  • Electric vehicles - battery electric, plug in hybrid, hybrid, and fuel cell electric
  • Development of new types of batteries, motors, and power electronics
  • Manufacturing of bespoke battery packs at low, mid, and high volume
  • Production of world leading high performance EV components.
  • Systems integration of complete electric powertrains
  • Hybrid Motors for electric vehicles
  • Light weighting
  • Connected and autonomous vehicles, Connected and automated Pods
  • Testbed services
  • Modelling/simulation services


  • Charging Infrastructure

The UK has been a global front-runner in supporting provision of charging infrastructure along with private sector investment. Our vision is to have one of the best infrastructure networks in the world for electric vehicles, and we want charge points to be accessible, affordable and secure.

Charging infrastructure supplies the electrical energy required for the recharging of plug-in electric vehicles (EV) through different networks – from public EV charging networks to charging at home and at work. Establishing a charging infrastructure is a prerequisite for consumer acceptance and for the practicability of electric vehicles.

Government and industry have supported the installation of nearly 23,000 public charging devices. This includes nearly 4,300 rapid devices.

Alongside our new ambitious phase out dates, the UK supports rapid chargepoints on motorways and major A roads to dash any ‘range anxiety’ around long journeys, and installing more on-street chargepoints near homes and workplaces to make charging as easy as refuelling a petrol or diesel car. The initial aim is to create 3,000 new rapid chargepoints, more than doubling the number of rapid chargepoints across the UK by 2024.

Expertise Areas:

  • Strategic Advice - Taking a whole system approach and to analyse the most appropriate solution for EV charging networks.
  • Sharing UK experience of how Government policy can help to shape and develop one of the best EV charging networks in the world.
  • An ability to analyse and highlight the effects of EV uptake on the electricity network.
  • Excellent knowledge in removing barriers to installing EV charging networks.
  • Knowledge of how to avoid network capacity constraints.
  • Electric Vehicle Charging solutions.
  • Research & Development - The UK have created a strong research and development base for charging infrastructure in the UK. As these research and development projects develop through to deployment, there will be commercial opportunities for companies, which in turn will lead to the development of wide-ranging UK export capability.

Why you should attend?

  • To learn about the UK’s capabilities and best practices in EV Manufacturing and Charging Infrastructure, and roll-out of charging stations in the UK
  • To explore how to make the most of electrified and zero carbon vehicle, battery and charging technologies
  • To meet one-on-one with British EV technology companies to explore areas for collaboration and technology transfer

Who should attend?

Businesses, academics, public and private bodies specialized in: EV manufacturing technologies and EV charging infrastructure (planning, consultancy and stations) who are interested in learning more about the UK’s expertise and buying services and products from the UK.

Key Dates of The Event:

20 October 2021: Online Panels and Company Presentations at the virtual UK-Turkey Electrifying Mobility Day.

15-18 November 2021: Pre-arranged B2B meetings

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Join us at the "UK-Turkey Electrifying Mobility Day: EV Manufacturing and Infrastructure". Registration fee is free of charge but registration is mandatory. Simultaneous translation will be provided during the event.