UK-LATAC International Workshops: Challenges and Opportunities in Health Technology Assessment and Guidelines

Sessions: 23.11.21 | 02.12.21 | 07.12.21 | 08.02.22

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About the Event

The UK Government, in partnership with England's National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), presents the UK-LATAC International Workshops on Challenges and Opportunities in Evaluating and Incorporating Health Technologies and Guidelines into Public Health Systems.

Since early 2019, the Department for International Trade from the British Government has worked on the LATAC Regional Initiative on Health Technology Assessment (HTA) in partnership with NICE, which has led to a close collaboration between the Institute and different Latin American and Caribbean authorities in the areas of Health Technology Assessment and guideline development. Currently, we are launching phase III of this initiative with the main purpose of reinforcing and expanding the established relationships between these countries and NICE, as well as exploring more in depth the developments taking place in LATAC.  

On this occasion, we will be holding three workshops with the aim to: 

  • Provide an overview of the most challenging aspects of incorporating technologies into public health systems, featuring practical case studies  

  • Explore some of the most pressing issues in Health Technology Assessment and guideline development, from methods and processes to transparency and predictability, and managed access.  


Due to the relevance of the subject and the UK Government's support to the II RebrATS Congress and the XII RedETSA (Health Technology Assessment Network of Americas) Annual Meeting, the second session of the International Workshops (December 2nd) will also be part of the Congress' programme.



Additional information for each session can be found at this link.



About NICE

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) supports the UK National Health Service (NHS) by assessing the value of new medicines and technologies and producing guidelines that aim to support health and care practitioners to deliver excellent care for everyone. NICE follows rigorous scientific methods and processes that have been developed over 22 years of experience. As part of their commitment to UN sustainability goals, NICE provides an advisory service (NICE International) to international organisations, health ministries and government agencies. Through this work, NICE aims to help countries improve their nation's health and wellbeing and inform improvements in health and social care decision making, by sharing their expertise in guideline development and health technology assessment.

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