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Take Your Website to the World

September - December 2023

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The Take Your Website to the World from the Department for Business & Trade (DBT) will help to provide a deep dive on a number of website areas to get your website fighting fit for international reach and appeal.


Your website is your shop window to the world and with a global audience of over 4 billion plus global internet users it's vital that you understand how to maximise its potential.

If you sell products and services overseas or are planning to, now more than ever, your website needs to be able to attract and appeal to an international audience. Expectations are growing rapidly as customers discover more convenience on all levels - be it product customisation, mobile-optimized search, quick checkout processes, or hassle-free delivery.


What you'll learn

  • How well your existing website is performing on international search engines

  • How to attract visitors from outside the UK to your website

  • When and how to translate, localise and optimise your wesbite for international search engines

  • How to source and commission external web providers such as designers, digital marketers, translators and copy writers to take forward your international web strategy

  • When and how to move your website to another platform and what to include in your brief

  • How to implement effective paid and organic Search Engine Optimisation


About the series

Our programme takes you on a website internationalisation journey, from getting started, to a fully localised and optimised international website.


Wednesday 20th September, 10am-11am: Website health check in 8 easy steps

A very practical session which will show you how to use free tools to check your website's current performance before embarking on your international website journey. Understand how to not only benchmark your performance but also that of your competitors to gain competitive advantage.


Tuesday 26th September, 10am-11am: Planning your international website journey

Once you know where you are you need to decide where you want to go. This session will take you through each website area you need to consider while building your international website plan. Creating your website roadmap will facilitate decision making and help you set achievable goals.


Wednesday 4th October, 10am-11am: Platforms, providers and preparing your website brief

You may take the decision to move your website onto another platform, which make involve sourcing and commissioning external web providers and preparing a website brief. Save time and resources by letting us share with you how best to do that.


Tuesday 10th October, 10am-11am: Creating and adapting content for an international audience

Learn when to use English, how to present your content in an understandable format for those who don't speak English as their first language, and when to use translated and localised content for international reach and appeal.


Tuesday 17th October, 10am-11am: Social Media 101

This session will focus on social media and strategy essentials, including knowing your audience and where social media fits in your strategy and the customer journey. We will also look at how to research your international target audience and understand how they are engaging on social media platforms.


Wednesday 15th November, 10am-11am: Search Engines, How they work, and what they look for on your website

If you have ever wondered how you might make your website rise up the Search Engine Results Page (SERPS), this session will take a practical look at what search engines need to see, and what you need to do, in order to increase the ranking of your page.


Tuesday 21st November, 10am-11am: Increasing website traffic through paid and organic search

More web traffic means more customers. This session will cover content based, paid, social and affiliate methods of gaining customers. It will give a good overview of a joined-up customer acquisition strategy using all the means paid and free to attract users.


Wednesday 29th November, 10am-11am: Maximising your website conversion rate (CRO) in 7 easy steps

A major advantage of CRO is that it helps you understand and segment your user, to funnel them toward purchasing the products or services that will best meet their needs. This, in turn, results in more repeat customers, and more value per customer across their entire product experience. In this session we will introduc how to increase conversation rates into your website pages by keeping your website visitors on page, interacting, engaging and purchasing.


Tuesday 5th December, 10am-11am: How to track and monitor your website analytics to increase performance 

Website analysis is the process of testing and reviewing a website's performance for key metrics such as speed, traffic, search engine optimisation (SEO), and user experience. Each of these elements is a factor in your website's success, meaning they directly affect the performance of your company. This session will look at using analytics to further refine your efforts to positively increase website performance.

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  Take Your Website to the World  
  Website health check in 8 easy steps   
  Date: Wednesday 20th September  
  Planning your International website journey  
  Date: Tuesday 26th September  
  Platforms, providers and preparing a website brief  
  Date: Wednesday 4th October  
  Creating and adapting content for an International Audience  
  Date: Tuesday 10th October  
  Social Media 101  
  Date: Tuesday 17th October  
  Search Engines and how they work  
  Date: Wednesday 15th November  
  Increasing website traffic through paid and organic search  
  Date: Tuesday 21st November  
  Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) in 7 easy steps  
  Date: Wednesday 29th September  
  How to track and monitor your website analytics to increase performance  
  Date: Tuesday 5th December  

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Register for one or as many session in our series as you would like using the link below.


For any other export related enquiries contact the Department for Business and Trade in the Midlands at dbtmidlands@trade.gov.uk or call our export support service on 0300 303 8955.

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