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Inward Investment Mission to London Tech Week 2024

Join our inward mission to the London Tech Week between 10th and 14th of June 2024 to be part of Europe’s largest technology festival.

In the course of the week, we will be organizing a special event for the mission participants in London on the 12th June 2024: Investing in the UK: Springboard for Growth! During this event, we will be sharing key information and knowledge on how to scale globally by establishing a presence in the UK followed by a networking reception..

This session will cover:

  • The UK Technology Ecosystem
  • Going International: Setting the Strategy
  • Establishing a Presence
  • Opening up a Business Account
  • Scaling up, Growth & Fund Raising
  • Learn from the Experience

About London Tech Week

London Tech Week (LTW) is an annual technology festival that showcases innovation and success in Europe’s leading technology hub. For 2024, LTW will be held in Olympia. 

London Tech Week is not solely about the technology, but also about the opportunities and challenges that are forming around the digitisation of society which is more connected than before… It will be bringing the best minds in technology sector to London and connecting international tech communities and leaders to address how technology has a profoundly positive impact in society and business. Impactful innovation and visions of the next tech frontiers remain at the forefront of London Tech Week, with entrepreneurship, scaling up and international growth. The London Tech Week is a festival of events that drives thought provoking conversations around innovation, diversity and transformation - providing a platform for the tech ecosystem to come together to drive change with global leaders sharing expertise and knowledge in hundreds of venues across London.

Let’s celebrate London's exciting and vibrant tech scene together…

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