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2019 DIT Latin America & Caribbean Roadshow

25 March, 2019 - 29 March, 2019

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The ideal event for experienced UK exporters to gain an insight into business opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean

The Department for International Trade (DIT) was delighted to host the March 2019 roadshow where senior experts from Latin America and the Caribbean engaged with over 600 UK companies on the latest opportunities in these vibrant markets.

Please see our brand new market and sector brochure available to download below:

DIT Latin America & The Caribbean - Market & Sector Brochure


The Latin America and Caribbean region is home to over 650 million people in growing economies where they are demanding ever-higher quality products and services. British companies have seen their business expand in the region in recent years and we fully expect this growth to continue. Political change in the region means that Latin America and the Caribbean is more open to UK business than ever. 
There are particularly strong opportunities in:

  • Advanced Engineering
  • Education
  • Financial Services
  • Food & Drink
  • Oil & Gas
  • Healthcare
  • Infrastructure
  • Marine
  • Mining
  • Renewables
  • Security

Jo Crellin, HM Trade Commissioner, and our team of experts were in the UK in March to give UK companies the latest advice and insights on exporting to the region.
The roadshow looked at opportunities in the following markets:

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Caribbean
  • Central America
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Mexico
  • Peru

Key factors that make Latin America and the Caribbean an excellent region to export to:

  • A new government in BRAZIL, a market of over 220 million people and the world’s 7th largest economy, re-emerging after a period of recession.
  • Expanding MEXICAN economy and new President elected at the end of 2018.
  • Business-friendly ARGENTINIAN government, continuing its liberalisation of trade and pursuing major investment plans in infrastructure and natural resources.
  • New business confidence and emerging opportunities in COLOMBIA following conclusion of the peace process.
  • Economic liberalisation and sustained economic growth in COSTA RICA.
  • CHILE, the “Dubai of the Southern Hemisphere” with the largest number of Free Trade Agreements in the world and a vibrant mining sector.
  • PERU, one of the best performing economies in Latin America, generating opportunities in mining, education, healthcare and infrastructure and where the UK has a government-to-government agreement for the delivery of the 2019 Pan American Games. 
  • Continuing growth in Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana Energy sectors
  • UK trade with the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC at a record high.
  • PANAMA a magnet for global business due to its strategic location, a key logistics hub and seeing huge investment in infrastructure.

DIT Latin America and Caribbean Enquiry Hub

DIT has experts based in overseas markets, in the UK regions and in specialist sector teams in the UK. Together, we actively identify opportunities in overseas markets, highlighting these on www.great.gov.uk, organise events in the UK to highlight developments and communicate them to companies in the relevant sector.

In Latin America, we have identified a number of sectors that offer particularly strong opportunities for UK companies. These opportunities are listed in this brochure and we encourage all UK companies with relevant products and services to get in touch with our teams to find out more.

If you are unsure which country or sector team to approach, or if your product/ service does not fit within DIT priority sectors in those markets, there are still opportunities out there for you.

We have a dedicated regional DIT Enquiry Hub based in Santiago, Chile, that can provide further basic information on these markets and put you in touch with the appropriate teams or external service providers for your company.

For more info or to get in touch, please email:

Ben Thompson, Latin America and Caribbean Enquiry Hub Manager: ben.thompson@fco.gov.uk

George Middleton, Latin America and Caribbean Business Specialist: george.middleton@trade.gov.uk


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Roadshow Locations

Location: Glasgow
Date: 25 March 2019

Location: Midlands
Date: 26 March 2019

Location: Leeds
Date: 27 March 2019

Location: Reading
Date: 28 March 2019

Location: London
Date: 29 March 2019





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