Open Call for Partnership Proposals:

Indo-Pacific Trade Roadshow (17 June - 1 July 2024)



Unlock the Future of Trade: Become a Partner in the Indo-Pacific Trade Roadshow

His Majesty's Government is proud to announce the Indo-Pacific Trade Roadshow, taking place from 17 June to 1 July 2024. As the UK endeavours to broaden its trade horizons, the dynamic and rapidly evolving Indo-Pacific region emerges as a key frontier for expansion, offering unparalleled opportunities for UK businesses.

Why the Indo-Pacific?

The Indo-Pacific region is pivotal to the future of global trade and investment, boasting some of the world's largest and fastest-growing economies. With its significant role in the UK's export strategy and potential for growth, engaging with this region is more important than ever for British enterprises. The roadshow aims to showcase the wealth of opportunities the Indo-Pacific holds as an export market and highlight the comprehensive support available from both government and the private sector.


The roadshow will traverse key UK cities and regions - Bristol, Cardiff, Birmingham, the North West, Belfast, Edinburgh, Newcastle and London subject to final confirmations, aiming to engage businesses across the nation in exploring the vast opportunities within the Indo-Pacific markets.

Call for Partnerships:

We invite organisations passionate about fostering UK-Indo-Pacific trade relations to join us as partners in this pivotal initiative. This is an exceptional opportunity for:


  • Visibility: Showcase your products, services, and expertise directly to key stakeholders, enhancing your brand's visibility and leadership position in international trade. We will provide you with a speaking slot at these events.


  • Thought Leadership: Contribute valuable insights, trends, and best practices, shaping the future of trade relations with the Indo-Pacific.


  • Meaningful Connections: Engage in curated networking opportunities for invaluable engagement with potential clients and partners.


  • Lead Generation and Business Development: Interact directly with attendees invested in the Indo-Pacific region, yielding high-quality leads and business opportunities.


  • Insight into Market Trends: Gain first-hand insights into emerging trends and opportunities, ensuring your business remains at the industry's forefront.

Marketing and Promotion Benefits:

Your partnership will be highlighted before, during, and after the event through various channels, including pre-event marketing materials, event signage, and post-event communications, ensuring maximum visibility and recognition for your brand.

We are keen to discuss this partnership opportunity further and tailor it to meet our partner’s strategic goals. 

How to Apply:


We welcome proposals from organisations interested in partnering with us to deliver this groundbreaking roadshow.

You can apply by emailing your interest to these email addresses: and

We kindly request that all expressions of interests be submitted by 22 March 2024.

This is not just an event but a movement to strengthen the UK's trade ties with the Indo-Pacific. Join us in unlocking the potential of this vibrant region and paving the way for a prosperous trading future.

For further enquiries, please contact and