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How to reach international buyers with B2B Ecommerce

Wednesday 24 April 2024 - 10:00am

Learn how to reach 93% of B2B buyers through their preferred channels


Join this webinar to hear from our expert panellists from Alibaba, Hokodo, SparkLayer, Anansi and Shopify and learn about the opportunities available to help you reach international buyers, increase your B2B Ecommerce sales with B2B BNPL and how to overcome challenges when shipping parcels in large volumes. 

In Hokodo’s latest report “The Definitive Guide to B2B E-commerce Buyer Demands in 2024”, President and CEO Louis Carbonnier states that Forrester predicts that buyers aged 25-44 will make up 75% of B2B buying teams this year¹, while Harvard Business Review estimates digital natives to comprise more than three quarters of the workforce by 2025².

Their guide continues to state that new research analysed in this report reveals that B2B trade has gone past the phase of ‘moving online’, with e-commerce being the first port of call for the vast majority (93%) of B2B buyers – especially those making frequent and repeat purchases.

93% of B2B buyers prefer e-commerce for procurement.

98% of buyers face challenges with online checkouts.

79% of buyers say payment terms are crucial for success.

83% of buyers will abandon an e-commerce purchase without payment terms.

With thanks to Hokodo for the above statistics. 


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B2B Ecommerce for UK merchants own website - Alex Weston, Sparklayer
B2B Ecommerce BNPL - Richard Thornton, Hokodo
B2B Ecommerce goods insurance (low value high volume) - Megan Bingham-Walker, Anansi


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Our expert panellists are:

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