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UK at Expo 2020 Dubai

The UK will be participating in the next World Expo in Dubai, now taking place from 1 October 2021 - 31 March 2022. The UK’s participation theme is ‘Innovating for a Shared Future’ and our presence will consist of a self-build country Pavilion and a global programme of content and activity you can experience in person or online. 


Taking place on the UK Pavilion, ‘How will we Learn?’ will run from Sunday 5th December to Saturday 11th December. Join industry leaders and academics to investigate how the education sector is developing the tools and approaches to deliver future focused, high quality, lifelong learning for everyone.  

On the 5th and 6th December, the Royal College of Art will host student and teacher workshops which will focus on creativity through action-based teaching and learning, transdisciplinary project briefs and establishing tool kits for creative learning. 

Uk at expo 2020 podcast

Tune in to Future Focus, the UK at Expo 2020's podcast series. We discuss innovation and the future of fashion, food, healthcare, travel and more with thought-leaders from across industry in the UK.

Our 'In the Future.. What Will we Wear?' series, is hosted by Dr Nick de Leon, School of Design, Royal College of Art and features industry experts discussing the key issues in fashion and retail such as diversity and inclusion, future trends in retail and the circular economy in the fashion sector. Welsh designer, Lucy Jones, our first speaker is available now - listen to her expert insights and subscribe on your preferred podcast provider.



Inspired by one of Stephen Hawking’s final projects, 'Breakthrough Message', the UK Pavilion invites you to consider what message we would communicate to express ourselves as a planet should we one day encounter other advanced civilisations in space.

Humanity is facing challenges in every aspect of our being. Technology, creativity and innovation is rapidly showing us solutions that can solve these real global challenges. The UK is leading contributions in these areas to provide future, sustainable solutions - come and explore more about this on the UK Pavilion.


The UK Pavilion is based in the Opportunity District at Expo 2020 and it will be open from 10am - 10pm every day. The Pavilion promises to offer inspiration to global business visitors and excitement to all of the family. Plan your visit and be part of the UK's bold futuristic vision.

If you're located in the UK, please visit the FCDO's website to check the latest advice on travel to the UAE and sign up to receive automatic email alerts whenever it changes so you can stay on top of the latest advice too. If you’re travelling from outside the UK, please check your local government advice.

join us for uk National Day, 10.02.22 

Join us for a unique experience which will bring the imagination of Glastonbury Festival and the creativity behind the GREAT of Great Britain, to Expo 2020 Dubai.

We’ll be celebrating extraordinary people, places, technology, film, sport, music, food, and fashion to give you a slice of the UK in Dubai. 

A showcase of acts will join some of our most established talents from UK music and performance to present the fresh ways that innovation from across the Commonwealth is creating the sharpest ideas for a shared future. 

IN THE FUTURE... how will we Travel?

 ‘How Will We Travel?’ took place from Friday 19 November to Tuesday 23 November.
Industry experts to explored how we move people, goods and resources around the globe and how technology and innovation can drive transport towards a more sustainable future.

The event also feature an exhibition with Rolls-Royce aerospace technology and interactive coding and artificial intelligence STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) kits for children to explore. 

UK Pavilion Virtual Tour

Maze of aspiration

The visitor experience takes you through the story of how the UK’s role in AI and Space is impacting humanity, with augmented reality experiences and an enriched digital journey. It will also explore wider innovations and collaborations as well as show how some of our partners address our theme 'Innovating for a Shared Future'.

Choral Space

Just before you enter this immersive space, you will donate a word to a collective message. As you step into the Choral Space, you will be cocooned in a soundscape, with the music featuring voices and sounds from all over the world.

Collective Message

As you leave the UK Pavilion look back at the façade and read the collective message that you have helped to create.

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