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The Guide to the Pavilion

The UK Pavilion is a digital as well as a physical visitor experience.

The Digital Companion, designed and built by Avantgarde, is more than just a website about the UK Pavilion. It’s a web-based platform that turns each visitor’s mobile device into a companion, enhancing the experience of the physical space at every turn. Augmented Reality (AR) features, family activities and quizzes and the AI poetry algorithm, all work alongside the graphics in the vitrines (the museum).


From the start of a visitor’s experience, the Digital Companion will act as an introduction and orientation, preparing visitors for what to expect. It is bi-lingual, allowing people from around the world to engage with the UK Pavilion in real time. For visitors with access needs, a high contrast option and the compatibility with screen readers ensures as many people can engage and enjoy the content as possible – an ethos of ‘accessible content for all’ is applied throughout the whole of UK at Expo presence.


Pavilion Companion on a mobile phone
Neurons in a brain
Earth with satellites
The Milky Way
Poetry being created by digital activity

Pico Pixels created a suite of bespoke AR experiences, accessible to the visitor through scanning unique markers in the exhibition graphics. Pico Pixels used 3D modelling software to create these experiences that give the visitors an unique experience – from watching whales swim across the top of a display case or to exploring the smart cities of the future! Using web-based AR, an emerging technology, Avantgarde integrated the AR assets into the web-AR framework built within the companion. Pico Pixels worked with Avantgarde to ensure that they work seamlessly in real time.

The Digital Companion holds additional content that expands on what you see in the Maze of Aspiration. Through video, images and short case studies, visitors participate in family friendly activites, and learn more about the UK advances in technology, AI and space exploration.

At the heart of the UK Pavilion is the AI poetry algorithm. Visitors donate their word, which is transformed into a couplet of poetry that is sent back to their own device via the Digital Companion. Their couplet is also displayed on the front façade of the Pavilion.

From arrival to departure, all this digital offer will ensure that the Digital Companion is an integral part of the UK Pavilion and will make the experience an unforgettable one.

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