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Google Arts & Culture has been collaborating with Es Devlin since 2017, supporting the artist’s experimentation with Machine Learning as a tool and collaborator in her practice. The results of this collaboration have taken many forms: from the artwork Poem Portraits installed at the Serpentine Summer Party and as part of the Barbican’s touring exhibition AI: More Than Human, to bringing Poem Portraits online as a web experiment allowing anyone anywhere to take part, to Please Feed the Lions, the first large scale public sculpture powered by machine learning and a landmark commission for London Design Festival 2018. 


Please Feed the Lions, John Nguyen PA Wire
Please Feed the Lions, John Nguyen PA Wire

With each of these artworks Es Devlin makes unique use of machine learning as a creative tool and collaborator. Google Arts & Culture is delighted to continue collaborating with Devlin and the UK Department of International Trade to support the development of the algorithm generating the Poem Pavillion’s collective poem. 

Google Arts & Culture is a non-profit initiative. We work with cultural institutions and artists around the world. Together, our mission is to preserve and bring the world’s art and culture online so it’s accessible to anyone, anywhere. At the Google Arts & Culture Lab we support experimentation at the intersection of art and technology.   


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