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UK Innovations

The UK has always been innovoative, with world-leading universities, businesses and social enterprises developing new approaches to local and global issues.


The FASTANK was initially designed for use by major Aid Agencies in developing countries to meet the needs of the UN Decade of Water & Sanitation. Since then FASTANK® has quickly become the tank of choice for Oil and Chemical spill clean-up, fire fighting, fish-farming and animal rescue.



HSBC are using blockchain to enable businesses to trade across borders and speed up paperwork, processes and tracking of goods being imported and exported.

De Montfort University

A team at DMU has developed a process which turns old plastics into both prosthetic limb sockets and construction bricks. The cost of producing a prosthetic socket this way is just £10, compared to the current industry average of around £5,000 each and the plastic bricks are 10 times more effective at insulation when compared to a conventional clay brick.

University of Sheffield

Factory 2050 is the first building to be completed on the The University of Sheffield's new Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre. The building is home to the AMRC’s Integrated Manufacturing Group (IMG). IMG's work is developing the use of robotics and automation, integrated large volume metrology, digitally assisted assembly and manufacturing informatics.


This Scottish team are opening the potential of the sea and helping eradicate the more than 8.8 million tonnes of plastic that end up in our oceans each year.

Their revolutionary process transforms the waste from the fisheries industry into a flexible anti-microbial and compostable type of food packaging that extends the shelf life of fresh food.


The Newport-based company has developed energy management software to help organisations make smarter energy decisions. They have built a platform that imports energy data, visualises it and derives insights from it. As a result, organisations can more accurately assess their energy usage and make changes for the future.

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