Expo Live winners

Expo 2020 Dubai is Making this World Expo an engine of global innovation that both inspires and acts as a catalyst for creative and scalable solutions. To do this they are providing grants to establish a network for collaboration between nations, organisations and innovators via shared global challenges. Below are some of the UK success stories for Expo Live winners and their projects.


Desolenator is a London-based clean technology venture that uses only solar energy to purify water from any source.

The Deselonator uses the solar panel's 'waste' heat to warm the water in a reservoir before the electrical energy produced by the solar panel boils the water. The water vapour is then condensed to produce clean drinking water.


IDEABATIC is a London-based social enterprise that has developed SMILE; an innovative cooling system to help prevent vaccine being spoiled during the last few miles of delivery through harsh environments.

The system is designed to be operated with minimal training and will sustain vaccines at a precise temperature for the typical 5-7 day last-mile journey.


MeeTwo is a London-based free social media app founded by two mothers helping to combat the rising problem of youth depression and stress.

The MeeTwo app encourages young people to turn difficult life experiences into useful advice for someone else who is struggling.

MeeTwo also provides users with a directory containing helplines and websites of specialist support groups and national charities.

Mercy Corps

Joint UK/US Expo Live winners, Mercy Corps is a global team of humanitarians with a shared mission - to alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure, productive and just communities.

With support from Expo Live, Mercy Corps is developing its Building Reliable Electricity Supply Normalising Access (BRESHNA) project in Afghanistan. BRESHNA is a solar photovoltaic power programme to stimulate the large-scale adoption of renewable energy in Afghanistan, providing reliable, low-cost energy and supporting access to key supporting services.


Educational robotics company Robotical is inspiring the scientists and engineers of the future.

The Edinburgh based company have created Marty the Robot, an engaging walking robot that is bring excitement to groups of students from primary schools to universities.

Since its launch in May 2017, over 5,000 Martys have been shipped to educational institutions in 54 countries.


ScienceScope is a Bath-based start up that provides schools with tools using the 'Internet of Things,' a system that enables students to explore the world around them.

The 'Internet of Things' provides schools with a wide array of weather and scientific cloud-based data, enhancing learning in science, technology and geography.


Seenaryo’s mission is to provide all people in the Arab region with the tools to think critically, collaborate, and become resilient as individuals and in their communities.

The UK based organisation works across Lebanon and Jordan to support refugees and host communities to reach their full potential.

SafetyNet Technology

SafetyNet Technologies enables Precision Fishing by building sophisticated technologies, including an LED light system called Pisces that enables the separation of different species and ages of fish, to help fishermen catch only the right fish - lowering bycatch by up to 90%. We work across the fishing sector with fishermen, scientists, suppliers and regulators to create user-centred solutions to issues currently faced by the commercial fishing industry.