Digital Brochure:
UK CleanTech – Innovating to net zero

Introducing UK Clean Tech Solutions
to the Latin America and the Caribbean

The UK is rapidly becoming a Global Leader in developing Cleaner and Greener solutions.

At the Department for International Trade (DIT) Clean Growth is integral to our mission, therefore we have created a Digital Brochure, presenting some of the UK’s leading companies offering innovative solutions towards a low-carbon future.



  • This brochure is not an endorsement by the UK government of the companies included.

  • Sectors that are included in this brochure do not represent an exhaustive list. We have more sectors that will be added as UK companies share their contact details with us. 

  • Company availability and capacity is subject to change.

  • More information and detail will be provided for specific opportunities. The information on the brochure is not tailored for any specific market.

How your company or
organisation can connect
with UK businesses