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Marine Cyber Security Demonstration

Thursday, 2 September 2021 9:00 am

About this event

Join our exclusive event for South West businesses to discuss Marine Cyber Security and hear from key speakers involved in these opportunities.


  • Introduction: Ian McLaren, Great South West Marine Sector Specialist, Department for International Trade South West
  • Welcome & Scene Setting: Sir Alan Massey, ex Royal Navy, ex-UK MCA, and currently at Trinity House
  • Marine Cyber Demonstration 1: Ewan Robinson, OCTO
  • Risk: Helen Shannon, OCTO
  • Marine Cyber Table Top Demonstration
  • Break 
  • Cyber SHIP-Lab: Kevin Foreshaw
  • Marine Cyber Security Training: Brian Beckley
  • CyberOwl: Daniel Ng
  • Bamboo Technologies: Lee Hibbert
  • Napier Meridien: David Livingstone
  • Break 
  • Panel Q&A
  • Closing remarks - Sir Alan Massey

What will I see?
Marine experts will give a demonstration showing the consequence of a cyber attack on a merchant vessel underway at sea. This will include a brief on the methods that can be used to capture a ship’s communication system and will show just how easy this can be. Risk will be discussed at this point.

This will be followed by a table top scenario showing the consequence of a subsequent cyber attack.

This will then be followed by a briefing by Plymouth University Cyber-SHIP-Lab on the method to protect a merchant ship from the cyber attacks depicted in the scenarios. 

Fleetwood Nautical Institute will then describe marine cyber training and CyberOwl will highlight typical marine cyber breaches. 

Bamboo Tech will give an expose on the ‘how and the why’ of the cyber hacker who wishes to disrupt marine activity. 

Napier Meridien will then sum up the marine cyber security scene and close this part of the event.

A Q&A session and closing remarks will end the event.

What will I learn?

  • Up-to-date cyber threats to shipping
  • How shipping might be protected
  • Training to protect shipping
  • Why these cyber breaches occur

South East Asia is the focus of marine cyber security for this event. The density of shipping is so high in this region any threat to the safe navigation of vessels must be understood and indeed be countered effectively.


Who is this event for?
This event is designed for South West major ship executives, operators, both ashore and those who are sea-going.

It is also hoped that educators and staff from merchant navy training institutions can attend. 

Finally, cyber security experts and those involved in cyber protection from South East Asia are most welcome to attend.

Please Note: We will send you details of the online platform and login details prior to the event.