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Join us to discover the opportunities available to you and learn from the experiences, challenges and successes of businesses who have worked with DIT to grow their businesses in multiple markets.

Other sessions will include updates on different European markets, information on new trade agreements, practical advice from legal, banking and tax experts, and sector and region-specific opportunities for UK exporters. 


You can view the recordings of past events below.


Past Events & Recordings


2 November

11:30 AM GMT

Why Trade With Europe Matters

This VIP session is for any UK company looking to maintain or grow their business in Europe. Attendees will gain unique insights into opportunities and trends across Europe and Israel.

The session will give UK businesses a deeper understanding of the support available to help them succeed across Europe.

Her Majesty’s Trade Commissioner for Europe, Chris Barton, will officially open HMG’s Europe Trade Month. Hear from Ambassadors in Europe’s major markets about the opportunities available in their sub-regions and national markets, pointing out particular sectoral opportunities and trends of key interest. The moderated discussion will then be followed by a Q&A.



00:00 - Intro

00:00 - “Why trade with Europe matters and the help we can provide” – Chris Barton, Her Majesty’s Trade Commissioner for Europe

09:45 – Ilaria Regondi Introduces the Ambassadors who will talk about opportunities for UK businesses in their regions.

11:52 – Judith Gough, HMA Stockholm

16:35 – Hugh Elliott, HMA Spain

21:01 – Anna Clunes, HMA Poland

26:31 – Paul Johnson, HMA Ireland

29:11 – Q: Which UK Export success story in your market are you most proud of? (NOTE: check out the flat bottles of wine by Garconwines by Judith Gough, Stockholm.)

36:25 – Q: What are 1. the challenges and 2. the opportunities for UK exporters in Europe?

45:13 – Q: What are the trends that UK exporters should know about in your markets right now?


3 November

10:00 AM GMT

Europe Trade Hub: Your Gateway to Europe

The DIT Europe Trade Hub is a service that supports UK companies with export enquiries and simplifies their customer journey thanks to contacts, knowledge and resources across 34 markets.

It offers the quickest and easiest way for International Trade Advisors (ITAs) and companies across all sectors to access guidance, source market research, identify opportunities across the whole of Europe and gain an introduction to potential partners and buyers.

Get in touch by filling in a simple questionnaire and the Europe Trade Hub team will respond to you to offer appropriate bespoke support.


3 November

9:00 AM GMT

BPDG/British Embassies in Southern Europe - Regional Industry Day

The webinar will provide practical details about moving goods between the EU and GB, specifically for the Southern Europe region, highlighting technical issues and best practise at the borders.


3 November

10:00 AM GMT

Fintech Sandbox Session

The Fintech Working Group (WG) at the Department for International Trade (DIT) is pleased to invite European businesses, banks and regulators to this virtual event.

During the event, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and four EU regulatory institutions and sandboxes (Italy, Lithuania, Portugal and Sweden) will provide an update on their respective regulatory frameworks and opportunities for Brtish companies.


4 November

10:00 AM GMT

Business Opportunities in the Nordics and Baltics

Join us for this exciting session with DIT Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania. Each country will provide an overview on local business culture, routes to market and key sectors of interest for British exporters, as well as tips and tricks for navigating the new trading environment.

With six presentations from across the Nordic-Baltic region, there is sure to be something for everyone: whether new or experienced exporters.

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4 November 

14:00 PM GMT

Northern Powerhouse German tech briefing – Opportunities for UK companies 

The Department for International Trade is inviting companies in the Northern Powerhouse to join this webinar for an overview of the German Tech ecosystem and what opportunities there are for UK companies to sell into the market. Germany is the world's fifth largest ICT market and home to the largest software market in Europe - accounting for around a quarter of the European market by value. 

Increased business demand for smart data products and services in the cloud are also driving domestic software market growth. The convergence of manufacturing and ICT, or Industry 4.0, along with the evolution of the Internet of things (IoT), are presenting significant new opportunities for ICT companies in Germany. The country is also on the cutting edge of artificial intelligence research and development. 

Join us to hear more on opportunities for UK companies to sell into the German Tech sector. 


5 November

11:00 AM GMT

Top Tips for Exporting to Europe

In this event, DIT's Alejandro Garcia-Pineiro will be joined by two senior speakers to discuss how to export to Europe under the new trading arrangments put in place under the Trade & Cooperation Agreement with the EU.

In a wide ranging discussion, this promises to be a great event for giving practical advice which will equip British companies with the know-how to trade with the rest of the continent on its doorstep.


5 November

11:00 AM GMT

Business Opportunities in Ireland

Join Anneke Taylor, Trade Adviser in DIT Ireland, and find out all you need to know at our “Doing Business in Ireland” session! Ireland is the fastest growing economy in the Eurozone and has one of the most educated workforces in the world, making it an attractive destination for tech giants, an innovative life sciences sector, and financial services firms. Join us for this exciting session with our team in Ireland.

Hear from our experts, the key opportunities and top tips for British exporters from the UK’s nearest neighbour. With a Q&A at the end, participants will have the opportunity to ask the team any questions they might have. 

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8 November

9:00 AM GMT

Business Opportunities in Southern Europe

Why look at Southern Europe? With a total population of 138m, total UK exports worth £35bn, and 2 of the UK's top 10 export markets, there is a wealth of opportunity to be explored.

Beverages and consumer goods, cyber security, aerospace, financial services, clean growth, life sciences and technology represent some of the biggest opportunities for British exports.

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9 November

10:00 AM GMT

Introducing the Finnish Sustainable Mining Landscape

Join this event to hear more about the Finnish Mining Landscape. We will dive into the operative environment in Finland, hear about the sustainable practices, and learn from the upcoming developments. 

Minerals are critical in creating a sustainable future, and Finland is the only EU country known to contain all the major battery minerals. There is huge unexplored potential. Finland is investing in creating a battery cluster and there are various projects taking place. Finland has some of the world-leading environmental regulations but the environmental impact of mining is significant. Developing greener and more modern mines is an ongoing process.  

At this event, you have the chance to hear more about:  

  • The Mining Landscape  
  • The Upcoming Mining Act Reform
  • Protocols Used to Evaluate Mining Companies
  • The Mine Automation Program 


9 November

9.00 AM GMT

UK's Finest - Sustainable Retail Meet the Buyer

This webinar aims to connect sustainable British brands from the retail and consumer sectors with buyers in Central and Eastern Europe. With all eyes on COP26, the demand for sustainably products is higher than ever.

This event will provide 1-2-1 meetings with the aim of helping British exporters connect directly with buyers to showcase their solutions and find the right match.


      9 November

      12:00 PM GMT

      Business Opportunities in France

      In easy reach of the UK, France is the UK’s fourth-largest export market (ONS, 2019) and the world’s sixth-largest economy (World Bank, 2019). For UK businesses offering innovative, quality products, the country offers many export opportunities.

      France has its quirks: between cultural differences, language barriers and long term business relations, it requires very specific knowledge to be able to trade successfully. In this session, we aim to give you that knowledge. 


      9 November

      11:00 AM GMT

      Business Opportunities in the Benelux Region

      The Europe Trade Hub and the trade departments of the British Embassies in The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium are pleased to invite you to this event for UK companies interested to explore the Benelux region.
      Despite being relatively small countries, The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg are strong trade partners of the UK (respectively the 4th, the 7th and the 24th largest trading partners of the UK). Between the end of Q1 2020 and the end of Q1 2021, total UK exports to the Benelux region amounted to around £55.4 billion (source: GOV.UK). 

      This webinar has for aim to give more insight of the region to exporters and will cover the business culture and the local opportunities of each market. The session will end by a Q&A session where you will be able to ask your questions to local trade advisers.

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      9 November 2021

      9:00 AM GMT

      Paris 2024 Olympic & Paralympic Games: Market Update

      The Paris 2024 Organising Committee has made a number of significant changes to its procurement strategy. Following the release of new commercial partnership agreements and changes to the Event Delivery Model, the Sports Economy team at the Department for International Trade France will provide an update on the latest developments around Paris 2024 tenders.


      10 November

      14:00 PM GMT

      Agricultural supplier opportunities in the French and German markets with Agriconomie

      Agriconomie is a French online retailers specialised in B2B sales to farmers. In the French market, their client base represent over 1/3 of French farmers.

      Referred to the platform as the Amazon in the agriculture sector, the start-up has disrupted traditional sales of phyto and chemicals in the agriculture industry away from cooperatives/sales managers visiting individual farms to a digital platform.

      Their Agriconomie site is active in France, Italy, Germany, Belgium and Spain. This webinar will take place as part of efforts to connect with key players in the French market and seek export opportunities for British agricultural suppliers. It will aim to present the French agriculture sector, Agriconomie’s business model and in-market opportunities. 


      12 November

      10:00 AM GMT

      Business Opportunities in the DACH Region (Germany, Austria & Switzerland)

      The trade sections of the British Embassies in Austria, Germany and Switzerland invite UK companies to learn about how to explore the DACH region.  

      All three markets are highly developed and have a long standing trade relationship with the UK.  They have a combined population of 100mn, a combined GDP of 5,130bn dollars.  One of the key unifying factors of the countries is German which the majority of the population.   

      The purpose of this webinar will be to provide insight into the opportunities outlining the sectors of particular focus and the business culture and considerations in the three markets.  Advice will be given about how to prepare for market entry and routes to market. 

      The session will end with a Q&A session where companies will be able to ask questions of the local trade advisers.



      15 November 2021

      14:00 AM GMT

      How UKEF can help you finance your Export Journey to Europe

      UK Export Finance (UKEF) helps UK companies win, fulfil and get paid for international business by providing guarantees, insurance and loans to support export activities.  

      It helps UK companies: 

      • win export contracts by providing attractive financing terms to their buyers 
      • fulfil contracts by supporting working capital and trade finance  
      • get paid by insuring against buyer default 

      Join this webinar to learn more about how UKEF’s products and services can be used across all sectors and how they can support you on your export journey. 


      15 November

      14:30 PM GMT

      UN Procurement Event

      Did you know that the United Nations spends around US$ 20 billion on goods and services every year? Order sizes are suitable for SMEs, English is the working language and payment is guaranteed. Interested?

      The webinar will take you through the procurement process and provide detail on the activities of the organisations headquartered in Geneva, Rome and Copenhagen as well as an overview of the type of procurement carried out in New York. The session will end with a Q&A session with our local trade advisers.


      16 November

      Multiple sessions (30 minutes to an hour) from 9:00 AM until 17:00 PM GMT

      TechExports Europe

      Discover the Technology opportunities of exporting to Europe. Hear from the UK’s Department for International Trade market specialists to find the greatest opportunities for your business.

      These sessions will provide a sector overview with specific insights of the different European markets and will allow you to explore the trends, challenges and how to make the most of the opportunities on offer. 

      Meet the relevant markets and become part of the European digital transformation. 

      You can find an overview of the markets that will be presenting these sessions here.



      09:00-9:30 AgriTech, FoodTech 
      09:30-10:00 CleanTech, Future Mobility 
      10:00-11:00 Cybersecurity 
      11:00-11:30 Defense & Security 
      11:30-12:00 EdTech 
      12:30-13:30 Fintech, InsurTech 
      13:30-14:30 Healthtech, Medtech 
      14:30-15:00 Industry 4.0 
      15:00-15:30 Infrastructure 
      15:30-16:30 Smart Cities 
      16:30-17:00 Telecommunications 


      16 November

      10:00 AM GMT

      Business Opportunities in Central Europe & the Western Balkans

      Join Richlove Mensah, Regional Director for Central Europe and the Western Balkans, and his team, and find out all you need to know at our “Doing Business in Central Europe and the Western Balkans” session! From appetite for global brands, fastest fixed internet connection, skyrocketing e-commerce growth to the lowest corporate tax rate in Europe, join us for this exciting session with our teams in Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and the Western Balkans.

      Hear from our experts, the key opportunities and top tips for British exporters from this diverse and fascinating region. With a Q&A at the end, participants will have the opportunity to ask the team any questions they might have.


      17 November

      9:00 AM GMT

      Swedish Transport Administration - UK Supplier Webinar

      The Swedish Transport Administration (Swedish name: Trafikverket) is one of the largest public procurement actors in Sweden, being responsible for planning, improving and maintaining Sweden’s national rail and road networks, and procuring a wide range of services and materials. 

      Join us to learn more about: 

      • How to become a supplier to the Swedish Transport Administration 
      • Doing business in Sweden 
      • Some of Sweden’s top rail and road projects, worth a total of about £15bn 



      17 November

      14:00 PM GMT

      Export Academy: Trading with Europe

      The EU is the UK’s nearest neighbour and most important trading partner. This webinar will demystify trading with Europe for new or inexperienced exporters. You’ll learn about: 

      • The Export Academy – the Government’s flagship programme designed to help new and novice exporters through a range of workshops, online resources and tailored support.  
      • The Europe Trade Hub – a first stop shop for help and advice on exporting to 34 European markets 
      • The Export Support Service – a new service to help exporters with any practical issues when exporting to Europe 
      • E-commerce – discounts and workshops to help you if interested in online sales to Europe 

      Market insights – hear from our Top 10 EU markets for new exporters about opportunities, key need-to-knows and support available 



      18 November

      10:00 AM GMT

      Food & Drink: Exporting successfully to France, Germany and the BeNeLux

      Join our DIT Europe trade advisors as they take you on a tour of Food & drink opportunities in Western Europe. Many of the UK's closest and biggest trading partners are based in Western Europe and display a healthy appetite for UK food & drink products.

      This event should help give you an idea of where those opportunities lie and how to access them.



      22 November 2021

      9:30 AM GMT

      Catch the Train Webinar #5

      This is an exciting moment for the rail sector across Europe. Governments are promoting railway transport as a clean, sustainable, innovative and safe solution for Europeans’ mobility.

      As part of DIT’s Europe Trade Month, this ‘Catch the Train’ webinar will provide an overview of rail opportunities across Europe.

      Join our DIT Commercial Officers and embark on a journey from Portugal to Finland, stopping in France, Switzerland, Austria, North Macedonia, Romania, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Croatia, Slovenia and Latvia.

      This is the right time for UK companies to explore overseas markets and grow internationally.

      30 November

      11:30 AM GMT

      Cross Border UK-Finland-Norway Maritime Decarbonisation
      Online Summit

      A global transition to clean shipping is underway and the UK, along with Finland and Norway, leads the rest of Europe in decarbonisation and clean maritime ambitions.

      This maritime summit, brought to you in association with the British Embassies in Helsinki and Oslo, the UK Department for International Trade and the Society of Maritime Industries (SMI), will focus on our shared decarbonisation goals, provide insight into the cutting-edge technologies enabling us to deliver on these ambitions and explore how further cross border collaboration and partnering can accelerate and support an enabling environment for success in global markets.


      30 November

      8:00 AM GMT

      Rail Trade Mission to Rail Live in Madrid

      UK railway suppliers are invited to join the DIT & RIA trade mission to Rail Live in Madrid. Participants will have the opportunity to hold pre-arranged meetings with a selection of Spanish OEMs and infrastructure companies, and the possibility to book their own company stand at a discounted rate (subject to requirement).