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If you are a UK business in the Clean Growth space who is already exporting or looking to start exporting our Export Faculty is your first port of call. 

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Registration is processed via the broader DIT Export Academy. Click here to register.

When registering, select 'Other'  and specify  'Clean Growth' and you'll be automatically added to our Faculty. Once registered, you will be notifed of any Clean Growth related content. Much of the content will be delivered live, usually virtually, but sessions will also be available to stream or download. 

About Us 

‘Clean Growth’ is the UK Government’s strategy for boosting our economy while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting the environment. DIT is committed to supported UK exporters to tap into a sector expected to be worth £1.8 trillion by 2030. There are significant business opportunities at home, selling goods, services and know-how to customers abroad can help UK businesses grow even further.

The UK is ideally placed to maximise these opportunities due to its genuine climate leadership. For further information, you can register for upcoming events, access our current resources and contact your local DIT office.


Clean Technologies in Mining Webinar
Thursday 25 November 2021, 09:30am-1:00am GMT

Register here:  https://tradeevents.online/category/events-en/


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Check out our Clean Growth Faculty launch event below for an introduction of the Clean Growth Export Offer:


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