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With world-class institutions and organisations across the education sector, the UK is also a global leader in helping other countries to develop excellence in their own education systems.

More than 6,000 British-style schools operate around the world and to date UK universities have established over 50 branch campuses overseas. UK schools, colleges, higher education institutions, technical and vocational training providers, English language and other specialist education and training providers are experienced in adapting their models of education and training for successful delivery overseas.

With this in mind, DIT International Education was established to work with overseas governments, states and businesses that want to engage UK partners in large scale education projects. DIT Education ensures that potential overseas partners can easily access UK expertise for their education priorities.

The DIT International Education team also works closely with all education providers, policy makers, key stakeholders and government departments across the UK to provide support and to mobilise education institutions to support inward investment to the UK.

Education sectors we support

DIT International Education is strategically placed within government to bring together UK organisations to help your organisation deliver effective, comprehensive education solutions in areas including:

- Independent Schools

- Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and Skills

- Educational technology and resources

- English Language Training

- Higher and Transnational Education

- Qualifications, assessment and quality assurance

- Teaching and leadership

- Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND)

- Professional and Chartered Bodies and Institutes

The UK’s approach is to adapt its education offer to meet each partner’s needs and cater for all requirements from vocational and technical training, continuing professional development and leadership training to higher education, English language training and schools.  

The UK Prime Minister has appointed Sir Steve Smith as the UK’s International Education Champion. Sir Steve’s remit is to encourage global education partnerships, at both government to government and business to business levels, through impactful engagements that facilitate further, the sharing of UK expertise and experience, with international stakeholders, be they ministries, educators or end-users. 

How DIT Education can help:

DIT International Education is committed to delivering an International Education offer which reflects the whole of the UK.  

Our team of experts work with education institutions and equipment suppliers, with DIT teams in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as regional teams across England, to increase exports and investment which supports economic growth as part of the Union and Levelling Up agenda. We also work closely with the Devolved Administrations through the Education Sector Advisory group, to inform and coordinate a UK-wide approach to promoting the UK’s education offer overseas. 

A core part of the expert resource within the International Education network, are trade advisors located both in the UK and across the globe.

Through DIT International Education and the Export Academy, UK education organisations of all sizes, in any industry sector, can develop their capability and capacity to deliver in an international setting. Whether it is understanding education in other markets, how to market your skills offer across a region, or being able to access global digital education markets, supporting education development projects that reach further than ever before, the Education Team can support your export ambition. 

If your organisation is a university, further education or national college, independent training provider, language provider, awarding organisation, education technology or equipment provider, private independent school or you are a consultant delivering education and skills expertise and training of any kind, we are here to help you achieve your international growth plans. Our team covers any geography and education in any industrial sector. 

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DIT International Education is brought to you in collaboration with the Export Academy to help you develop your export skills and to help you achieve your export ambition.

About Us 

DIT International Education is world-leading and world-renowned. From EdTech to English Language Teaching, international demand for the UK’s innovative products and services continues to grow. 

As part of its International Education Strategy, the UK’s Department for International Trade (DIT) is helping to deliver the Government’s ambition to ensure education exports reach £35bn by 2030.

In markets across the world, DIT is promoting the UK’s world-class education offer and driving demand overseas. Here in the UK, DIT is supporting businesses and providers in the sector to export their products, services, and expertise.


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