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British food and drink is among the best in the world and renowned for its quality, provenance, and innovation. The world is hungry for iconic British products. Our newly signed, world-class FTAs make it easier for UK businesses to sell their world-class products overseas.

The department for International Trade (DIT) offers a wide range of support for business who want to start exporting or expand into new markets. This support helps UK producers to capitalise on the enormous global demand for British food and drink.

If you are a food and drink company looking to begin exporting or expand into new markets, DIT can help.



The Export Academy Exporting Masterclasses

Introduction to exporting food and drink

This session will help UK Food & Drink producers to understand how to  extend their reach and grow their exports.

Expected Learning Outcomes

  • Develop understanding of market opportunities
  • Understand the critical steps on your exporting journey in the sector
  • Become aware of how DIT can support your ambitions 

Export skills developed

  • Exporting readiness – evaluation stage
  • Getting into market - freight and export documents
  • Due Diligence – packaging and labelling
  • Getting customers and getting paid – marketing  and pricing

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Dates: 30th September 2022 and 9th November 2022


Register here via the Export Academy.


What other ways can DIT help? 

Exporters in the food and drink sector are supported through the breadth of DIT’s services, including:

The Export Support Service 

If you are a UK business selling goods or services to Europe, you can contact the export support team by phone or online. Ask the Export Support team a question here

GREAT.gov.uk Digital Platform 

Free interactive tools to help you sell to the world. Sign up and unlock product specific market data for 193 countries 

UK Export Finance (UKEF) 

UKEF helps UK companies win export contracts by providing attractive financing terms to their buyers, fulfil contracts by supporting working capital loans, and get paid by insuring against buyer default. Find out more about UKEF’s products and read success stories. Arrange a consultation with your local export finance manager

UK Nations 

Companies in Scotland, Wales and Nortern Ireland can also benefit from export support services available from devolved governments. DIT teams in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland work closely in partnership with Scottish Development International, Welse Government via Business Wales and Invest Northern Ireland to ensure that all UK exporters get the right support for their business. Our DIT teams located in the nations can provide assistance in directing exporters to relevant support available and can be contacted at:

  • DITScotland@trade.gov.uk
  • DITWales@trade.gov.uk
  • DITNI@trade.gov.uk

International Trade Advisers (ITAs) across England 

ITAs work to match producers with international buyers in person and virtually. They ensure international buyers can interact with new products through the sample box initiative. Contact one of your local trade offices to seek advice on building your business here.


About Us 

The agriculture, food and drink sector team champions the UK’s highly innovative and hugely successful agriculture, food and drink industries, which span the entire country. 

Focused on our priority sub-sectors (beef, lamb, seafood, dairy, private label, organic, vegan/vegetarian, and drinks) the team support UK companies to boost exports, maximising opportunities through Free Trade Agreements and market access gains.  


Talk to us about how we can help. 

Contact your local trade office and seek advice directly from one of our expert trade advisors 


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