UK Export Academy North East

The North East has a proud industrial heritage. For centuries, high-quality products and services produced in the North East, from glass to ships and, more recently, cars to chemicals have sold around the world.

In 2019, 3,900* North East businesses exported £20.2bn worth of goods and services globally**. Making up 1.6% of British businesses who are currently exporting, meaning that many North East businesses are missing out on the opportunities that selling their products or services overseas can offer.


The North East Region consists of: County Durham, Tyne and Wear, Northumberland, and Tees Valley 

What’s involved?

  • 10 core modules, covering everything a business needs to consider to export successfully.   
  • Hear from nine international trade specialists, sharing practical advice and top tips.
  • Acquire the knowledge and skills to develop an export action plan for your business and help future proof your international expansion. You’ll be provided with an export action plan template, developed by experts.
  • Share best practice with like-minded businesses.
  • Access an enhanced support package, including masterclasses, roundtables, and topical events to further support your export strategy.

Core modules include:

  • Understanding the Benefits and Barriers of Export
  • Basic Export Procedures
  • International Market Research
  • Customs Procedures and Tariffs
  • Routes to Market
  • Export Controls
  • Understanding International Commercial Terms
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Getting Paid
  • Selling Services Overseas

*Source: ONS Exporters and Importers by Regional Breakdown (Annual Business Survey 2019)
** Source: ONS International trade in UK nations, regions and cities, 2019

For more information
Contact your local trade office and seek advice directly from our team of experts.

“The North East Export Academy was perfectly pitched for new to export and also to companies like Tomlinson Hall who are trying to up-skill teams who may not have realised just what goes on before the sale of products overseas”

Colin Simpson
Business Development Director
Tomlinson Hall

“Although we had already experienced export success, the North East Export Academy was not only a great refresher but also highlighted how to adapt to new trade agreements. It provided specialist knowledge and experience to help us understand and overcome those potential barriers to export”

Dr Nathalie Huther
Senior Director of Business Development

“A recent acquisition meant that our company went from a reluctant exporter to now exporting to over 30 Countries. As a business we acknowledge that we are on a steep learning curve and the North East Export Academy has helped us to develop the knowledge required to trade overseas.“

Eddie Czestochowski
Managing Director
Cell Pack Solutions Ltd

“As a start-up company with global ambition, I felt it was not too soon to develop my understanding of the complexities of exporting, especially with the impact of Brexit being clearly felt among business colleagues.  The Export Academy has been really helpful through its professional approach in building my understanding of requirements, regulations and costs, and is flexible enough in delivery to enable me to catch up on the recordings if necessary and to work through the comprehensive work books provided”

Katharine Paterson
Director & Founder
So To Company Ltd

“The DIT Export Academy has given me an awareness of what I need to do to find new clients in the USA, how to conduct market research, ways to avoid common pitfalls and the barriers and opportunities open to businesses exporting their services. I, like a lot of people thought that exporting was just for big firms sending goods abroad but there is a massive potential for firms like mine to sell their expertise abroad.”

Keith Newman
Highlights PR

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