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UK-India Twin Cities Marine Litter Partnership




UK-India Twin Cities Marine Litter Partnership - is a virtual community platform where members can exchange best practice and form networks to address plastic pollution and reduce marine litter at a city-to-city level.

Our Twin Cities members exchange the latest updates on pioneering innovations and best practice in waste management policies, strategies and implementation – resulting in more robust waste management systems with stronger circular economies. They grow science and innovation partnerships between regions that address the growing issue of plastic pollution on land and marine environment in a tangible and community driven way. By joining the platform, members can take part in and lead interactive sessions, showcase joint initiatives. Current hot topics range from digitalising waste management, turning waste to resources, stronger community engagement to increasing recyclability and reducing waste. 
This is a real opportunity to make a positive impact, protect our planet and environment from the growing menace of plastic pollution. 

Live Discussion Topics

  • How do we digitalise waste management to minimise waste and optimise sustainability?
  • What is your city doing to make the plastic economy a circular one?
  • What best practice can you share on better waste strategy implementation
  • What is your city doing about converting waste to resource?
  • How can we create alternatives to single use plastics? 
  • How can our universities collaborate on climate and plastics research?

How can you benefit from this platform?

  • Hear about the strategies members are implementing to increase recycling rates
  • Learn more about community engagement initiatives to boost the circular economy
  • Regular briefings on the latest innovations in waste management 
  • Explore and match research and innovation opportunities between Universities 
  • Network with leading UK and Indian researchers and innovators every day to discuss your interests and solve challenges collectively
  • Market place for service and products related to your priorities

Join us for a virtual event at the Festival of Research 2022 with Aberystwyth University and Pondicherry University,  part of Aberystwyth University's 150 anniversary celebration this year.

Webinar: 'The Worlds We Want': Sustainable Cities
Date: 1 December 2022
Time: 1530 - 1730 hrs IST

Registration and platform membership is free.
Click the registration link below to attend the webinar and join your Twin Cities community today!

Write to in case you have any queries.